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After the night spent on the beach My friend Jon-Paul and I had to find a place to stay in phi phi which was quite expensive... Our french guide Thomas gave us tips and we found a bungalow after 1 hour walking with my huge backpack under the sun... we went out partying in the evening, We saw a fire dance which was really impressived and we also participated... well I burnt my eyes brows and I fell on a rock but I did it :-P

afterwards we hit the dancefloor ( we had a bit to drink, the music was not good... ) we met Thomas on the dancefloor and we spent the night dancing. People were really drunk . At the end we went to have a last drink at his bungalow with mickee (one of his friend) and I fell asleep really quickly.

In the morning I woke up around ten and I thought it was 9... I arrived at the guest house at 10.50 and I only had 10 minutes left to pack everything and have the quickest shower ever :-D.

then we stayed a bit at the bar of the guest house until it was the time to go to the pier. a 30 minutes walk later we arrived at the pier with pain in my back because of the f*** heavy bag... I did not understand how it is possible that it becomes heavier day after day ... !

At the pier a guy came to ask us for the accomodation. I saw in the LP that there was a reggae house with really cheap rooms ( from 80bht to 150 bht ) ( 1$ =33 bht ...) so I told him that we wanted to go there because we were travelling on a shoestring... He was really understanding and as he was one of the owner of a resort ,he proposed us a nice twin beds bungalow for 300 bht on the beach with swimming pool and taxi from the pier ... we accepted and arrived in a really nice place with a huge bungalow. At the reception the girl asked us to do not tell to anyone the price of our bungalow ( which normally is 600 bht...) at the beginning we thought to spend only one night and then move to the reggae house but finally we are so nice there that I will stay until I leave the island.

Yesterday evening was a quiet evening as I was really tired because of the previous night party. we just found a nice restaurant with a really nice owner called meow who gave us some tips about the island. after it we just stayed at the freedom bar on the beach.

Today I woke up really late ( 11.30 am ) it was the first time since the beginning of my trip :-) I really needed it. We had our beackfast at Meows reataurant with free wifi and we decided to rent a tuk tuk to go to the mangrove. Brian arrived in koh lanta and we picked him up at his guest house. He was with Dave and we went to a ride without JP who decided that he was too scared to join us in our crazy ride! It was a bit hard to drive as you really need to use force to keep the control of it.

Now I m in the meows restaurant with Brian and JP waiting for meow- and her friend to go partying in long beach-

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