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We have checked ourselves in for four nights in hostel El Viajero 30 minutes bus away from central Punta del Este to take advantage of their special offer (four nights in the price of three). Considering that we haven’t had a beach holiday yet in this trip, we thought it would be a good time to stay at one place for a bit longer simply to relax. The hostel was located in a very expensive neighborhood surrounded by villas and swanky apartments. The famous Bikini Beach was only 5 minutes away. The place felt very newly built with lots of modern style architectures and a fair few fancy art shops in the main street.

After we arrived we realized that the weather was fairly cold and the weather forecast didn’t look too promising neither. However, the weather did brighten up and warmed up during our stay despite very strong wind in the first couple of days.

We spent most of our time sitting next to the hostel pool listening to the audio book “The Private Patient by P.D.James” we had downloaded. It was a capturing and well crafted murder story and the entire recording lasted approximately 13 hours. We found this story more entertaining than our previous audio book by Stieg Larsson.

Apart from the first two nights, we got the 6-person dorm all to ourselves. The hostel El Viajero is not particularly well thought through when it come to storage space. We were very glad that no one else was living in the room because otherwise the room would have been too crowded and too messy as there were no table or lockers in the room at all.

We had a few enjoyable days just lazing around and walking on the beach. The nearby restaurants were rather pricey so we ended up cooking all our meals in the hostel. It was very nice to be able to cook something light ourselves for a change and to satisfy our cravings for vegetables.

On our last day, we left after making ourselves a simple lunch and headed towards Montevideo.


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