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Marcus couldn’t fall asleep last night for the first three hours, woke me up while he snoozed off and we ended up pretty much taking turns being awake. That was rather strange as the bus offered wide leather seats that resemble that of first class airline seats. We blame that on the lack of physical activities the day before when we are just hanging round Mendoza doing not very much.

The bus to Buenos Aires was very smooth and we arrived at 6.15am, 45 minutes before scheduled arrival. That worked out very well as we could get our onward ferry tickets printed in the station internet café and made our way slowly to the Buequebus ferry terminal 15 minutes walk from the bus station. We were pretty pleased with ourselves booking the tickets online and saved a fairly significant chunk as we managed to catch a web offer. Well done Marcus!

The Ferry terminal is the main gateway for Argentineans to go to Uruguay. It was pretty trendy looking (which I did not expect but Marcus thought that was in line with what he expected) and was filled with international tourists.

The ferry journey to the nearest Uruguay town of Colonia only took an hour and after we arrived at the not so glamorous Uruguayans ferry terminal, we got on the bus to Punta del Este that awaited us right outside the terminal.

The bus to Punta del Este wasn’t as comfortable as our earlier bus and the journey turned out a bit longer than we expected. The ticket stated that it will take four hours but it ended up taking 5 hours.

Punta del Este was pretty glamorous as it fashions itself being an up and coming international beach resort. As we arrived we saw lots of glittering high rise apartment blocks that displayed the latest Architectural designs no older than 10 years. We wondered how dated this place will feel in 20 years’ time. It reminded us of Mar Del Plata, how the place would have been ‘up and coming’ back in the 60s and 70s and how dated and sorry it looks nowadays.

We have deliberated booked an out of town hostel to avoid the high rise buildings. Our hostel is located 20 minutes local bus away from the town centre in the trendy area of Bikini beach. The place was filled with villas and trendy shops and apartments. We were rather disappointed as we stepped out of the bus that the weather was nowhere as nice as we anticipated. The place is in fact rather cold and overcast! Apparently the weather isn’t going to improve for at least a couple of days and maybe we have to have our last beach holiday spoiled by rain.

The hostel is called El Viajero and is part of a chain that operates in Uruguay. The dorm we have checked ourselves in was rather cramped but at least the place boost a large kitchen where we can save some money by cooking ourselves. After having surveyed the nearby restaurants we have discovered that the prices are rather prohibitive and we would have to rely on Restaurant Iris again!


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