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Each of the kids finds a way to keep warm


John and Sue's kids

Frosty scene outside our window this morning

We continue to kick back and try to keep warm in the unusually cold weather in California. The hills all around the Bay Area yesterday morning were covered with snow and several outlying communities reported the first measureable snow in many years. We can see Mt. Diablo from Bethel Island and it looks like a peak in Alaska. This evening, the sunset shining gold on it was spectacular, but I did not have my camera.


Today was girls day out. Sue, Irma and I went shopping and then took in a movie - "2012"- which was excellent. It is almost three hours long but it goes by quickly because of the suspense throughout the entire movie. We all enjoyed it very much.


Sue got to meet the kitties today. She said that Mimi was very pretty and petite but Rocky was really big and beautiful. Yes, and he knows it.


We will travel a short way to Sacramento tomorrow to visit with Auntie Squeak and Uncle Steve. Travel to Tahoe is still not looking likely with continued frigid temps and forecasted snow. Tonight the temp here in Bethel Island will plunge once more below freezing, with rain likely tomorrow evening, which should raise the night time temp back into normal range for this time of year. This will be the first time we have left the kitties overnight and we will probably worry like all parents, but Uncle Manuel will keep a check on them for us.

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