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She pulled to the right

Coromandel West Coast


More Funland

Sunrise Sunrise

The Coromandel is a region east of Auckland where we spent a couple of days. As the pics show, there were more amazing sunrises and sunsets. As the moon was near full we had some nice bright nights. Stopped off at a produce shop with a neat playground. We've spent some serious time at regular playgrounds and had a great time, but this one took the cake. An older gentleman built it as a hobby. The train was cool and there was a rotary swing off beyond that, but the merry-go-round was the best. He had some sort of a transmission with a hand crank off of it that geared up to the platform. A few good cranks and the people up top could be losing their lunch if not for the brake handle up there. One afternoon I thought we had a flat tire because Tippy started pulling to the right, but the tires were good. We jacked her up to check on the tie rods and wheel bearings and all seemed well. That's when we decided to pull the tire and noticed that the whole inside was shot out. Our spare took care of that.

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