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The old church in Colonia de Sacramento, Uruguay

Boats on the harbor

Laura poses

For some reason, Colonia was filled with old cars like these

The old street signs in Colonia

A random act of Catholicism

Another old car

The old faro (lighthouse)

Colonia from above

The church as seen from the lighthouse

Rio Plata as seen from Colonia

What am I, 5? . . . I guess so

Colonia on a much sunnier day

A lovely street in Colonia

Old cars, ivy covered buildings and cobblestone streets. What more could we...

Where the streets meet the river.

Motos everywhere.

So, we went a bit overboard with the photos on this entry. Hopefully you´ll see why when you look at them. Colonia del Sacramento, a town in Uruguay a 1-hour ferry ride from Buenos Aires and the place Laura and I spent the first two days of December, is an incredibly picturesque little town on the Rio Plata (Plate River). The streets are all lined with sycamores, many of the streets are still paved with the original stones, and many of the buildings are Spanish-style, with courtyards in the middle. The plants are an interesting mix of tropical (bouganvalia and palm trees) and more temperate (sycamores and evergreens). It´s quite the tourist desination--there isn´t much to do there other than walk around the old stone streets, shopping and taking photographs--but it was nice and quiet in the middle of the week when we were there. Laura liked it so much that she decided that she wants to retire there. We´ll see about that . . .

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