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A completely unnecessary sign. Argentinians don't just fight fires, the kill them.

A rainy day shopping for antiques in San Telmo.

Forget National Geographic--Laura has now set her sights on Gourmet.

How often do you see a fully complete rainbow?

Laura surprises Dan with a cake for breakfast on his birthday.

The main walkway through the cemetary in Recoleta. It was full of...

A real-life Halloween.

A statute atop an enormous crypt.

Tourists, including our new Norwegian friends Frank and Solfrid, check out Eva...

Another cool crypt photo.

Laura was drawn to this one for some strange reason.

Laura at a Tango show.

This guy's sweat was flying all over the place.

This guy, on the other hand, was born to Tango.

Tango in motion.

This guy made a musical instrument out of marbles tied to the...

Laura and Dan posing, not Tangoing.

Buenos Aires is a city that very much grew on us. After our first couple of days here we were left wondering why all of our friends loved it so much; now, at the end, we don't want to leave. I don't know if it was jet lag, the weather, or something else. Perhaps it's because there aren't one or two great things about the city, no one architectural/geographic/scenic quality that set Buenos Aires apart from the many other places we've been. Instead, Buenos Aires offers a lot of small things--good food, friendly people, lots of parks, good shopping (Laura's contribution), a very social environment--that ultimately add up to a really great atmosphere.

As for what we did the last few days, the pictures pretty much speak for themselves. We spent Sunday, another rainy day, shopping for antiques in San Telmo. Monday, a beautiful, sunny and warm day, was the best day yet. We met a Norwegian couple--Frank and Solfrid--at breakfast and spent the day with them. After celebrating my birthday with a cake for breakfast (Argentinians love sweets, especially at breakfast), we went to the Recoleta Cemetary, which is full of enormous, elaborate above-ground crypts. We wandered around there for a couple hours then headed to a 2 1/2 hour lunch (very South American of us) in Palermo Hollywood.

After a nap (Laura) and a work out (Dan), we went to a Tango show, something Laura had been looking forward to since she arrived in Buenos Aires. The Tango was fun to watch; even better was the folk music, which included a man playing a little Mandolin thingy and a guy dancing and making music by beating the floor with his boots and two marble balls on long strings. It was quite an experience--I didn't even fall asleep, which is saying something.

Gotta run for now. We're off to Uruguay.

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