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Tom is making slow progress in getting back to where he was. He is up for three hours the most before requiring a nap. An hour or two later he is raring to go again but fatigue sets in quickly. Owen and I had a good talk with the doctor today - we had a ton of questions and he had a ton of answers. We are dealing with not so nice drugs and they act differently on each person. We are now very aware of what the "ifs" are for the furure and will have to take it like it comes ( like we have a choice!) and deal with whatever happens.

Owen has suggested a mid morning snack and a mid afternoon snack to keep the energy flowing. Good idea. We will either go back to the 4pm protein shake or have an energy bar or fresh fruit and nuts on hand.

We treated ourselves to take in Chinese food tonight - having hospital food for lunch was enough - we couldn't face it again for dinner. Tomorrow we get a new menu for the week- I pray that they have had some divine inspiration and some new dish will appear!

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