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Balboa Park, San Diego

Orchid blooming at the Balboa Park Arboretum

Yellow Paintbrush blooming at the Balboa Park Arboretum

Rainbow Lorikeet indulging in feather maintenance

Male lion relaxing atop a land rover at the Wild Animal Park

This Hyacinth macaw is highly interactive - dancing, and hanging upside down...

Blue-winged macaws at the Wild Animal Park

Thanksgiving dinner at Ed and Byong's house

MeToo, Bob and Carolyn's younger male Ragdoll

Pyewacket, Bob and Carolyn's older male Ragdoll

Sunday, Nov. 29, 5 pm PST Chula Vista, CA

I spent the past week in Chula Vista visiting with my friends Bob and Carolyn and Carolyn’s 90-yr-old mother Cora, with the RV parked in the Elk’s club RV lot. On Sunday, I visited Balboa Park in San Diego with Bob.

We took pictures of orchids

in the arboretum and some of the park buildings built for an exposition in the early part of the 20th century and refurbished in the 1930’s. The weather was lovely – sunny and warm in the sunlit areas and cool and breezy in the shade. We also visited the arts and crafts shops in the Spanish Village section. There were lots of nice ceramics, but ceramic decorations don’t work well in an RV, so I didn’t buy anything. I did buy a CD from a guitarist/vocalist in the park who was singing Bossa Nova.

I awoke Monday feeling nauseated, so I didn't plan to go anywhere all day. Around noon, I took Woody outside on a leash to lie in the warm, dry California sun on my chaise with me. He was frightened at first to be outside the RV, but as soon as he layed down on top of me in the sun, he was happy – head butting and purring away. The weather in Chula Vista seems to be nearly perfect every day - warm with a cool breeze, dry and sunny! When Woody got hot after 20 minutes and wanted to go under the bus, the leash wasn’t long enough to reach. So later in the day, I went to PetsMart and bought an extensible leash for him.

Tuesday I visited the Wild Animal Park, which was originally set up in the early 1970’s by the San Diego Zoo as a breeding facility for the larger herbivores and carnivores. It has now become a zoo in its own right, with paths winding through the different areas. I took lots of pictures of the rainbow lorikeets.

We took the tram around the African animals

beacause I didn't want to walk 2 miles to see the animals.

We didn't have time to visit the lemurs, after we spent quite a while in the rainforest area. I took lots of pictures of a highly interactive Hyacinth Macaw who wanted an audience to watch him dance and do a somersault.

The blue-winged macaws

were lovely but they were not as interactive. Since I’ll be spending time in San Diego in the winter, I plan to buy a Diamond membership so I can park and enter both the San Diego Zoo and the Wild Animal Park for free.

I went as a guest of Debbie, a friend of Bob and Carolyn’s, who has a Diamond membership. Debbie has had an interesting life. She’s a CPA for a corporation and has flown 747’s for UPS. These days she has a few businesses going as well as selling a number of paintings and some crafts. She also breeds bi-color Persians. They are lovely cats, but they were sorely in need of grooming with oily fur and lots of knots, so I didn’t take any pictures of them. Debbie said she’d been away and hadn’t caught up on the fur maintenance. Debbie took me to Costco so I could buy some guest sheets and pillows for the RV. Later in the week, I went again with Bob and Carolyn’s mother Cora, who loves to visit Costco, and bought some guest towels and a lovely blanket for the guest bed. I may buy a Costco membership the next time we go. They have the lowest gas price and some food items that I want to try.

Carolyn’s bronchitis didn’t get any better during the week even though she’s on ezithromyacin to stave off bacterial bronchitis because she’s had viral bronchitis for over a week. On Thursday, we went to Carolyn’s cousin’s house for Thanksgiving dinner.

There were 8 of us, including her cousin Ed (a trauma surgeon), Ed’s wife Byong, their 28-yr-old lawyer son Eddie, and a surgical colleague (John), along with Bob, Carolyn, Cora and me. I spent a lot of time talking to Eddie, who was very interesting and the good food was plentiful.

On Friday morning, I took Woody outside for an hour in the sun on his extensible leash. He spent about 45 minutes lying on top of me in the chaise looking around at dogs, a cat who lives at the Elks club and other RV-ers socializing or working on things outside their RV’s. He spent another 15 minutes lying in the shade on the ground looking around. He enjoyed the outing but was ready to go back inside after an hour, as was I.

On Friday and Saturday afternoon, I spent time with Bob introducing him to the wonderful world of mp3’s and ripping CDs to make playlists and burn best of CDs. While there, I took pictures of MeToo

and Pyewacket

, Bob and Carolyn’s Ragdolls. Saturday was remarkeable because it rained, really rained, off and on all day. Rain in November is unusual this far south in California, but this is an El Nino year.

Since my satellite signal seeking function isn’t working and the local Tiffin RV service department can’t get to me until Friday, Dec. 4, I’ve been watching courses from The Teaching Company at night and in the morning. The Understanding the Brain course I borrowed from Bob was outstanding. I’ve ordered 7 courses (including my own copy of Understanding the Brain) for delivery at Bob’s house so I’ll have good stuff to watch if the local RV service department can’t fix my satellite signal seeking and I have to spend December with no TV. There isn’t much on TV worth watching in December even if they do fix the satellite seeking, so I’ll be glad to have the courses regardless.

Today, the sun was shining again and I moved back to El Cajon since I start my RV Driving instruction here tomorrow morning at 9 am. I have 4 hours of private lessons on Monday and another 4 hours on Tuesday. After the lessons on Tuesday, I’ll move back to the Chula Vista Elks RV Park to spend the rest of the week. On Sunday, Dec. 6, I’ll leave early to go through the east LA suburbs before 9 am on my way to the Thousand Trails time-share RV Park east of San Bernadino. I’ll spend a few days there and get their buy-in spiel before heading to Death Valley for 2 weeks or so.

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