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What a surprise I got today when Owen called to say he would stop in Sioux Falls on his way from Chicago to Denver. I expect him at about 11 or so tonight. Spencer left at noon - another tearful goodbye.

Tom's therapy began at 10 and ended at ll:30. Spencer was able to attend each session and was very encouraged to see the slight improvements with each rest period and decrease of the medicine ( the number was down to 17 today). Dr. Burris came by and what he does besides check Tom's numbers is take a look at his face - skin color, the eyes, and alertness. We all agree that today was better than yesterday and yesterday was better than the day before. Back to baby steps. ( Better than no steps at all!)

Today the lobby was decorated for the Christmas season. It is so refreshing to not be sick of Christmas by November 28th. In Michigan the Christmas stuff comes out right after Halloween. A radio station plays all Christmas music all the time starting Nov 1. Thanksgiving is a very special holiday here - maybe because of the farming influence . It was nice to see the pumpkins, scarecrows, wheat shafts and corn stalks hang around until now.

So far the weather has been lovely. People keep telling me how unusual this is for this time of year. I pray it lasts until we get out of here - then it can snow, snow, snow!

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