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It was a lovely evening and the waters were calm for our ferry ride from Thongsala to the Dongsak pier. It is a very organized process, and the bus was waiting there to take us to the bus station in Surat thani. The bus is an hour-long ride. We were met in Surat thani and taken to the tour agents. It was here that we were told our visa run for tomorrow was cancelled. The strong wet weather we had experienced on Koh Phangan hit other areas, and the village and pier in Burma was no longer functioning, so no visa run. Cory and Elaine are obviously still in their Sanctuary zen mode, as this change of plans didn’t seem to faze them too much. They were taken to their room for the night. I could tell them weren’t too sure about what kind of place they were going to because it was only 280 baht a night or $9.50 Canadian. It was a clean, basic, college dorm style room with period lawn furniture for lounging, and was perfectly acceptable place to sleep. Plus, breakfast was included.

Cory and Elaine quickly slipped into plan B mode, and spent some time on the Internet looking for a visa run from Chiang Mai. As most visa runs leave early in the morning, it was important to make the arrangements the day before. We sent an email to a company we found online, and they promptly responded. We made all the arrangements after booking a room at the Best Western for 900 Baht. Our flight was arriving in Chiang Mai at 10:40 p.m., and we needed a place to stay, and a place to let the visa run people know where to pick us up.

We spent the afternoon at a shopping mall until it was time to go to the airport. After passing through security at the airport we purchased a bottle of water and 3 juice boxes. We knew that we had less than an hour to catch our connecting flight in Bangkok so probably wouldn’t have time to purchase anything.

When we arrived at Bangkok, the stairs came out on the tarmac. We were then driven to the terminal by a bus, and escorted through to the connecting flight area. It was here that we had to put our carry on luggage through the screening machine. Guess what? Yep, remember those juice boxes…. Well, the security staff at Bangkok airport probably enjoyed them. Elaine wasn’t feeling too zen at that moment. There was absolutely no opportunity from the time they were purchased to the security gate at Bangkok to purchase these, and yet they were still taken. With the slight delay at security for them to go through the luggage, we arrived at our gate, and were amongst the last to board the bus to be taken to the plane. There was no time to purchase anything. It is quite ironic, all the airlines encourage you to drink plenty of liquids to avoid dehydration while flying, but don’t carry juice boxes or water bottles from one airport through another. It wasn’t all bad news; Elaine has been carrying on packing tape ever since the Guatemalan security took her roll. She is not that risky and is only carrying on the plain brown roll, her Canadian Flag roll is in the checked baggage. Her mind is going absolutely into overdrive as she is imagining all the possibilities of what she could do with a roll of packing tape and three little juice boxes.

We arrived at Chiang Mai, caught a taxi to the Best Western, and promptly went to sleep. We set the alarm and were ready to get picked up for our visa run the next morning.

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