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A picture of the shared library at our bed & breakfast. Apparently...

Um . . . we may have to come up with a...

Laura looking beautiful, as always.

DC sure has changed since we were here last time.

Plaza de Mayo

The Sun Spangled Banner

More random Argentine scenery. Laura loves the purple flowers.

Clock tower. I seem to remember that it was 3:55 when I...

Baby bump.

Thanksgiving dinner

Isn't graffiti romantic?

Until today, Laura and I had not really enjoyed Buenos Aires. It may have been that our expectations were too high, person after person having told us how great a city Buenos Aires was. Or maybe it was the weather--overcast, humid, just kind of dull. In any case, whatever the reason, neither of us felt particularly excited about our first couple of days here.

Today, however, was great. The sky was clear and blue, and it rained last night, which cooled things off and washed away the humidity. From the very beginning we had a more enjoyable day--we got up earlier, saw some sights, wandered around the streets of the business district, hung out in a cafe reading for an hour, and generally enjoyed ourselves in a relaxed way. Not necessarily that much different from what we had done the previous two days, but a lot more pleasurable for some reason.

To cap it all off, we had an enormous meal at Cabana Las Lilas, a parilla (esentially a steak house) that had come highly recommended by one of our friends. What better way to spend Thankgiving than by gorging ourselves on meat, sides and dessert? Who cares if we had steak instead of Turkey, french fries instead of mashed potatos, and chocolate cake instead of pumpkin pie? Either way, we gave thanks by eating everything in sight, a task made easier by the fact that it was all really, really good. [Cabana Las Lilas raises all its own cows, which is pretty cool. According to the waiter, mine was named Ferdinand.]

We also made some new friends, a Scottish couple who is in Buenos Aires on their honeymoon. It was nice not to have to spend Thanksgiving alone, and, let's be honest, they were far more interesting than anyone in my family.

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