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Gaya Street Market

Palau Manukan

Me a snake and a sign

Since the last time I wrote (an email). I got on my flight to KK. The flight was a bit delayed but no major drama. Got to the hotel and they had managed to stuff up my reservation not updating my last change were I canceled the first night. But managed to get it sorted. My phone managed to work and the coverage has been good which is a suprise. So i called Paul and after putting away my bags we went to a big food court place where we had a few beers. Paul the night before had had a few beers there and then gone out with the staff to some local bars. I was pretty shattered and after e few quite ones we went back to the hotel. The next moring got up and the was running a bit late I thought the rafting people weren't arriving till 8:30 but they were there at 8:00 so I was in a bit of a rush and forgot my water proof camera. So we hit the road and drove through the country side for a while before heading over the Crocker range. It's seriously high. We stopped in one place were the guide showed us a part of the road which is an optical illusion where it looks like it's down hill but it's up hill. He stopped the ute in the middle of the road and let it roll "up' the hill to demonstrate. Got a beep from an irrate local as we coasted towards him.

We got to this town called Tenon were we were given KFC. KFC is everywhere in this country. Then we jumped on this little board with wheels that sat on the railway tracks and they pushed usdown the train line gondalar style. They never really explained this part in the brochure but it was pretty interesting. It basically this old abandoned bit of railway track the locals and rafting companys have taken over with these little wheeled boards. Every once in a while we'd some across a family carting there groceries on these board things. Any way after about 40 Minutes we made it their base where we had to join up with another group because there was only the two of us. Rafting was pretty call we only flipped the raft once. After rafting for a couple of hours we Jumped in a motor boat that took us further down river were we jumped on this old train to take us through to the next town. Basically you going completely through this large gorge in one after noon.

The next day we were thinking of hireing scooters to explore the greater Kota Kinabalu area but we were to supicious of the 500 bond. So we explored the Gaya street market which is this big street market they have on Sunday. Paul got hassled by these vedor trying to sell somedeep heat type stuff. It's the only time we'vereally ever been hassled on the trip. Paul didn't by any because he was annoyed by the guy trying to sell it, this would prove a faitfull decision. So anyway there really wasn't much of interest to me and I couldn't really find that one little thing to buy to sum up Borneo. I ended up buying some water colors I liked but it's not really what I'm after. After that we wondered on down to the harbour area and took at ferry out to one of the islands off the coast. It was OK. There were plenty of fish to look at but for some reason they hadn't tideed up the rubbish. The people who took us out promised to pick us up at 4pm but we didn't see them until 5pm. Waiting around seems to be a theme. We seem to spend 40% of the time traveling 10% of the time doing what you traveled there for and 40% of the time waiting for somthing and 10% thinking why is that person looking at me funny.

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