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When Tom arrived on the rehab floor he was asked to set five goals he hoped to achieve before leaving the hospital. The first was to be able to walk out of here, second was to dress with minimal assistance, third was to use the bathroom with minimal assistance, fourth was to insert and remove contact lens with minimal assistance, and believe it or not, we forgot the fifth one! He has accomplished all of these goals so today we set a new one. All therapists were told, in no uncertain terms, that the only goal this week was to get us on the plane on Friday. They all laughed but they definitely scaled back their plans for any vigorous sessions. We had a good day, a confidence building day, and more of that is what Tom needs before the big sendoff.

This afternoon we went down to the ground floor to observe how the construction is going on the new Heart Hospital. It is amazing how much dirt is moved around and the removed from the site. It is the only interesting distraction around here.

We dined in the Food Court tonight - you can imagine what the fare is that was offered there. What I wouldn't give for a protein style In-and- Out Burger!

We are one day closer in the countdown to Spencer's arrival . Can't wait to see him and I know he is anxious to see us. What a terrific Thanksgiving gift his visit will be!

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