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Our site under a beautiful massive live oak. Acorns still in tree...

Still looking for them. None to feed yet.

Black water makes a great reflective pond. This is where the gator...

Spanish moss covering all of the oaks in the preserve.

One of the many tall palms among the oaks.

Another prime pool for gators. But none to be found.

Another beatiful old oak draped with moss.

One of the white crains along a small lake in the preserve.

Happy Thanksgiving from Florida.

April down for the count on her bed in the coach.

Another beautiful stork feeding in the ponds.

This is the natural undergrowth in the woods beyond the preserve.

Looking up to the clouds below one of the stately palms.

Flagler Beach on the Atlantic Ocean in Central Florida.

The pier at Flagler Beach. Lots of sea birds on the beach.

Rita and April strolling down the beach at Flagler.

Pelicans flying up and down the beach.

A fishing dock on the inland waterway parallel to the coast along...

A sail boat passing through a draw bridge crossing the river.

Happy camper April.




Bulow Plantation RV Resort - Flagler Beach, FL - Nov. 18 - 22

Spanish moss and large live oak trees. What a beautiful setting for a rural campground. It was just a short drive up I-95 to the next exit and turn off to Bulow Plantation. A drive of about 10 miles between resorts. Once we arrived we decided immediately that this was where we should have been for the whole two weeks in the area. Our kind of place. No freeway city noise like Sunshine Holiday where we were. A quiet and easy going place. It has beautiful terrain with very large old oak trees over most of the grounds and tall palms dispersed throughout them. We have mostly enjoyed just hanging around the campground because it is so beautiful. The weather has been delightfully sunny and warm for the most part. Temperatures in the mid 70’s to low 80’s. One day we decided to take a drive to the beach. We drove to Flagler Beach and then down Hwy. A1A toward Daytona Beach. It was our first look at the Atlantic Ocean. We took April and went down to the sand to walked along next to the water for a short distance. We all got our feet wet in the warm surf. We were very surprised to find that the beach was made up of finely broken sea shells, orange in color and courser than most sands. Most of the shells which we picked up from the surf were no bigger than a silver dollars and down to tiny dime sizes. We also saw lots of pelicans flying down the beach and watched shore birds racing ahead of the surf to spear crustaceans buried in the sands. On other days we made side visits to St. Augustine, Guana Tolomato Matanzas Reserve, and the Historic Bulow Sugar Mill State Park. We have enjoyed our visit to the beautiful area of Florida. We spent lots of time trying to find one of those alligators prowling around. But no luck, not yet. They are very allusive and secretive I guess. They hide pretty well too I suppose. Hopefully we won’t be surprised when we least expect to see one. I will have a camera in hand. We also want to see some of those elusive manatee in the wild. We will probably have to make another side trip to the springs that up-well from the rocks and sands into pools that form in the interior Florida streams to see those mammals. Probably at our next stop in Orlando. There is a state park near there where they are suppose to winter in the warmer waters. Read about our other stops to follow in the next journals. They were all quite interesting and picturesque.

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