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We had a much better day today. Tom had a wonderful night's rest( woke up at 8am ) and he was hungry and happy this morning. After breakfast, we took a nice walk and except for occasionally feeling wobbly he did just fine. He laid down again at 11 and when he woke I went to get chicken marsala with pasta and a nice salad for Sunday dinner. I can't wait to start cooking again!

We spent a quiet afternoon in the dining room reading the newspaper and doing the crossword. There are many empty rooms on the floor - thank goodness. Not many visitors so it was quieter than usual. Somehow today felt like the longest day since we arrived.

I am going to have to watch the therapy sessions very carefully tomorrow. No more next level challenges this week. We'll leave that to the out patient therapists in Texas. Neither one of us want to jeopardize getting out of here on Friday.

By 7:30 Tom was ready for bed -- earlier than usual but maybe his tiredness is residual from yesterday's upset. I pray he has a good rest. Ruth is his nurse tonight so I leave him in good hands.

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