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Apparently Tom's brain is not ready for " taking it to the next level". He ate his usual good breakfast and then started therapy at 8:30 am. Speech and OT didn't seem to be too stressful but the Saturday physical therapist did 4 balancing exercises that really wiped him out. At 10;30 he laid down for a nap and when he woke his speech was garbled. Quite shocking! I called in the therapist and the nurse and after taking vital signs the doctor was called. He ordered blood draws and a CT scan. The only low number was the magnesium level. An IV of mag accompanied by sodium was started immediately. Haven't heard about the scan yet but if there was something of concern I am sure we would have heard by now. Tom continued to sleep most of the afternoon and when he awoke at 4 or so his speech was just fine and he behaved normally.

We have all been throwing around theories. We know he was awakened by a loud startling noise from a deep sleep. Maybe his brain just couldn't get in gear. Second was the lack of water. He only had coffee with breakfast and with the therapies scheduled so early he didn't have a chance to really drink more fluids. I should carry the water with us so he can sip on it during these sessions. Apparently the brain is not regulating his electrolytes or fluids very well.

He was alert and mostly himself all afternoon into early evening. I pray he has a good night's rest. No therapy tomorrow so we look forward to a peaceful, restful, uneventful day.

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