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Oh how we wish you were here. On Friday we toured the "Jelly Belly" Jelly Bean Factory in Fairfield, CA. It is a suburb of San Francisco. Can you find San Francisco on the map? At the factory we watched Jelly Bellies being made from the beginning to packaging. Do you know what President of the United States made Jelly Beans famous? And do you know what his favorite jelly bean flavor was? Ask your teacher or your parents to help you with the answer. A hint: He was the 40the President. The factory makes over 14 billion jelly beans every year and have over 50 flavors. Did you know your class can come up with a suggestion for a flavor and send it to the company to see if they will make that flavor. Your class can also create a picture from different colored jelly beans and send it to them. Every jelly bean is the perfect size which is done by a big cylinder that screens out the ones that are too small that go into a big tub, then the next size screen drops all the jelly beans that are just perfect which then go to the packaging area. The beans that are left on the cylinder are then mixed with the ones that are too small. These are then packaged as "belly flops!" Since the President made them famous, Jelly Belly's are shipped all over the world. Unlike regular Jelly Beans, Jelly Bellies are flavored both in the center and the hard outside shell. See how their motor home is painted.

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