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Cute playground next to our campsite.

Entrance into Sunshine Holiday RV Resort.

A large pond used to store water behind our resort.

This beautirul butterfly kept landing on flowers next to the pond. Not...

This is a Monarch that was on the same bush.

These fountains are in all of the settling ponds to keep that...

Our resort is just inside the trees across the pond.

Beautiful little puff ball flower along the bank of the pond. About...

Our RV in the trees across some opened sites in the resort.

Black lagoon water in some canals through the resort. Great for reflections.

One of the pools formed by the canals.

Tall streight pine trees growing in the resort.

Another canal reflecting the trees on the bank.

One of the many palms in the resort against the bright blue...

Sunset Holiday Daytona Resort - Nov. 9 - 15

Hot and muggy days and nights. When we first came into Florida we noticed a difference right away. Hurricane Ike that was out in the Gulf was pushing warm moist air across the state. The result was what people who live here say happens all summer long. Warm moist air and heat. One of our neighbors said that he has seen three shirt days. When he works outside he had to change his shirt three times because of the sweating he did. It was only in the mid 80’s but felt like it was in the mid 90’s or more because of the humidity. We had the AC on some and when not on at night all of the windows opened and the fans on. Something we are not use to experiencing. Arizona and the deserts of California rarely get that humid except in high heat after a rain storm roles over the hot desert. But those occasions only last for a day at most. We put up with the muggy air for three days until Ike moved further northeast and allowed cool air from the far north to come down from Canada. After the muggy days we had a day of rain too. It is now beautiful mild weather our last days at this resort. From here we go up the road a short distance to Bulow Plantation RV Resort closer to the beach.

While we were here we have managed to make a visit to one of the largest indoor flea markets we have ever seen. Down south of Daytona not too far from the race track is where it was located. It was amazing. If you are interested in tee shirts, watches, kitchen ware, tools, wooden, plastic, or glass stuff and much much more. Plus a majority of stuff is made in either China, Mexico, or the Caribbean. It was a sight to behold. It made a Dollar Store look like a sampler. We did manage a couple of small purchases. The 4 card decks for a dollar were a deal. Forgive the pun. But they were smaller than standard playing cards and feel like they are made from different paper. What do you expect from China anyway... Rita and I spent at least 4 hours being amazed by all of the stuff. On our way back to camp we drove through downtown Daytona. On the way we went past perhaps the best know of NASCAR racetracks. The Daytona 500 track is a huge structure covering several blocks and acres of land. I can only imagine the parking and people when the races are on. Especially the grandaddy 500 race. Right now they are in some kind of remodeling of the main parking lot in front of the stadium. Big piles of soil all over. Or it could be for mud. Daytona Turkey Run is coming to the area really soon. Right down the road from our campsite is the biggest Harley Davidson dealer in Florida. We had lunch at the Daytona Pig Stand BBQ restaurant at the same shopping center. Good stuff to eat.

On Monday we moved a short distance up the road to Bulow Plantation RV Resort at Flagler Beach. The next entry.

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