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Our campsite with the hotel barrier between us and I-75 in the...

Clouds above treeline in Valdosta.

Ligjt moss hanging from trees by the pond.

What lurks beneath?

Lots palmetto among the brush in the area.

River Park RV Park - Valdosta, GA - Nov. 8

We made our next short drive down Interstate 75 and spent the evening and night at an RV park right off of the freeway in Valdosta before crossing over into Florida. We got to see our first moss hanging from the trees as we approached our stop. Interesting stuff, just kind of hangs there on the branches floating in the breeze. Seems like only certain trees have it too. It must be because of the humidity in the area that it grows. The nights are beginning to be warmer and muggier as we get further south. We took a walk out from the park and over to pond by the freeway. The pond was interesting as it was quite large and covered with a pretty green algae. I kept hoping we would see some little beady eyes poke out from the moss. No gators yet. The plants were interesting and the vegetation was quite lush anyway.

That night in the park was uneventful which is just fine with us. When I called the park earlier about the reservation, the lady answering the phone told me that it was right off of I-75. I though “oh boy, truck and traffic noises all night”. She informed me that you couldn’t hear the freeway as a large hotel is between the park and the road. Well she was kind of right and kind of wrong. There was a big hotel in between. So she was half right. We did sleep pretty good though in spite of traffic noise. We left the next day for Florida. I did manage to buy diesel before we crossed the border as the price increases at least 10 cents a gallon in Florida. Next stop is by Daytona Beach, Florida.

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