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Our site a Southern Trails RV Resort in Unadilla, Georgia among the...

Some of the old pecan trees where an orchard once stood.

That's a pecan on the ground. A native American nut the grows...

A pecan orchanrd growing up to a cotton field.

We were nuts. Bought some nuts and ice cream too.

Cotton field and converted barn.

Sunrise through a pecan tree.

Sun almost up to the eastern horizon.

clouds and trees.

Some old retired swayed back horse enjoying a graze at day break.

Southern Trails RV Resort - Unadilla, GA - Nov. 6 - 8

Have you ever been just a little nuts? Well how about camping in the middle of an old pecan orchard. The Southern Trails RV Resort turned out to be a big surprise to Rita and I. After looking on Google Earth it looked like not so nice a place to camp, but very close to the interstate for quick access. So I picked it for our next stop on our way through Georgia down to Florida. It turned into a good choice. The resort was pretty well kept with sites spread throughout an old pecan orchard. We managed to pick-up several pecans around our site and under the many trees throughout the resort. Beautiful old pecan trees several feet high and wide surrounded us. Fortunately we didn’t park under a tree and have them falling on our roof all night. The previous campsites we had were under trees filled with either acorns, nuts or pinecones that banged on our roof whenever a breeze would blow. It got annoying after a while. You would just get into a sound sleep and a very loud “bang” would snap you awake.

We got to visit downtown Unadilla for a flea market on Saturday. Rita managed to find a plant, a painted pitcher, and two nice pictures. I found peanut brittle. We then went to the “We’re Nuts” orchard store a few miles down the highway. The store had about anything you could want to eat made out of either pecans or peanuts. Needless to say we ended up checking out with some bags of shelled pecans and pecan syrup. The Blue Bell pecan ice cream was pretty good too. Worth mentioning is all of the cotton that is grown in the area. We passed acres and acres of cotton fields in the outlying farm areas. So Unadilla is a very agricultural area of Georgia that grows cotton, peanuts, and pecans. By the way, on our way down we passed Plains just off the freeway where President Jimmy Carter is from. The peanut farmer from Georgia.

Our next short stop before entering Florida is about 100 miles south in Valdosta, GA. Almost right on the Georgia / Florida border.

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