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Entrance into the resort.

They used old rail cars for most of their resort buildings.

Some of their cabins made from converted cabooses and rain cars.

The pool area with a caboose for dressing.

Oconee Lake with it's fall colors.

A railroad bridge crossing one of the many arms of the lake.

A warning sign next to the boat landing.

These guys didn't heed the warning sigh about those mean fish.

Kudzoo (sp) The bane of the south. This stuff just covers up...

Our home in Georgia.

he North Shore RV Resort - Oconee Lake - Greensboro, GA Oct. 30 - Nov. 5

Going down to Georgia was like we really were getting into the OLD South. The feel of the state has that southern flavor all over it. Most of the people we have met are really friendly and interested about Oregon. Funny how many we have met who have some connection to our state. Some have been there too.

Greensboro was an old town with a main street and old courthouse dating back to before the Civil War. Out front is a statue commemorating the Rebel troops from the area who fought for the South. We found a really great street market that had local vegetables, nuts, and other produce. We bought some okra, peanuts, chips, salsa, squash, and tomatoes. Good stuff. We fried up the okra and it was soo good. Rita and I both love fried fresh okra. We use to grow it in our gardens.

Oconee Lake is really an amazing lake flowing past part of the campground. It is a very long lake beginning from the Apalachee River from the north and the Oconee River flowing out at the south end of the lake. You can tell from the color of the water that there has been lots of silt washed in from up stream at Atlanta. One of neighbors kept telling me about the big fish they catch in the lake. Mostly bass and catfish. I didn’t see anyone bringing any fish in, but it does look like an ideal for those species. I can imagine catching a very large cat or bass in such a lake.

It was a very nice resort in a great setting and with colorful railroad themed cabins and buildings. We enjoyed our stay at North Shore. Now we begin our trek further south toward Florida. We still have two short stops in Georgia on the way. See you at our next stop.

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