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Group we took a caravan of scooters and motorcycles and toured the...

We bought lots of items from this lady, Caros new best friend

Saying goodbye to our Friend el Chileno Jose in Palolem

Arriving in Hampi, had to cross that river to get to our...

Caro, Olivia, Virginia, Mateo, Joel and I (taking pic) looking for a...

This is where we settled, Ours is the middle one =)

Believe it or not, this is the entrance to the Mango Restaurant...

Can't be in India without seeing the COBRAS

This temple is in the middle of the city, and has mokeys...

Joel, Caro and me going for a tour of the temples in...

Us at the first site of the ruins in Hampi

Caro climbimng up the steps with her Aladin Pants =)

Stone carving of a woman (for the fellas=)

Us saying hello and showing all that we're fine =)

Caro on top and edge of a pyramid doing yoga. It wasn't...

Went to a reservoir with plans to swim but came upon this...

Caro sitting on a boulder and taking in the view

This is the monkey temple, the small white building WAY UP ON...

Caro visiting with goats on the way up

This is the view part of the way up to the temple

This ofcourse is us ontop of the Monkey Temple

Caro again practicing yoga atop the temple

Did I mention this place has a ton of monkeys, these were...

Here's Caro checking out the scene =)

Another scenere shot for you, man was it nice...

This is our guide showing Caro the different coffee beans

Believe it or not this spider is bigger than my hand, and...

As we drove past points of interest our guide showed and explained...

This is at a spice garden, there is so much vegetation you...

Once inside the botanical/spice garden, we were litteraly in the forest

This is the Cocoa plant =)

More at the garden =)

Down another path in the garden, without a guide we'd have gotten...

Caro at the Hospital...Cut our tour short =(

While Caro was being looked at, I was racing down the halls...

This is the videw from our hotel here in Peryar

Our little group having pizza here in Peryar =)

Caro and some chillies

Steps up the botanical/spice garden

This passion fruit is begger than Caros head =)

Came accross a group of ladies working the field, we shared our...

RUBBER TREE, this whole country side is filled with them.

This is a 250 year old cinnamon tree

Next we moved on to the tea plantations, man was it nice.

The children at the day care came out to greet us =)

This my friends is a tea plantation...and it's NICE

Caro amongst the plants getting a tour

A group of tea picking ladies walked by and took a pic...

Caro showing ya'll the stages of coffee

Us inside the coffee processing factory

Leaving the coffee factory we saw these elephants on the other side...

This is what the town looks like at night when the fogg...

That's right, ME doing laundry in the bathroom =)

Caro got massage here... (questionable)

Caro buying fresh fruit from the local fruit stand. If you look...


Tanto a pasado y la verdad pasan las cosas tan rapido que es dificil poner todo asi que les voy a dar un resumen desde que estavamos en Palolem hasta ahora. Como les habia contado, nos la pasamos un buen en Palolem. Primero habiams planeado estar como 4 o 5 dias pero terminamos pasandonos 2 semanas =) Esque la playa estava super bien, pero mas que eso conocimos a unas personas que la verdad eramos un grupo que nos la pasavamos a todo dar. Los Chilenos Jose, Hugo, Connie, Carla, y Isabel. Los Espanoles Javi, Joel, Sergio y Paula. El Colombiano Pablo. Tambien Maya y los que por el momento se me olvidan. Un dia casi todos nos fuimos en moto a dar la vuelta por las playas de Goa y que dia tan divertido. Por las noches cenabamos juntos en el Fiesta (comida Mexicana) luego nos pasabamos al CUBA que es un bar y terminavamos en el SKY BAR donde bailavmos hasta muy temprano acompanados delas holas del mar que estavan a solo unos pies =) Pero claro todo tiene que terminar y cada quien siguio por su camino. Caro y yo nos seguimos a Hampi acompanados por Joel y antes de salir del autobus en la manana ya agregavamos a nuestro grupo un Italiano, Mateo y a dos Espanolas Olivia y Virginia =) Estuvimos muy poco en Hampi pero la pasamos MUY bien. Es un lugar pequeno pero SUPER BONITO. Unos paisajes que la verdad estan preciosos. De ay Las Espanolas se fueron por su lado, Mateo por otro pero Joel seguia con Caro y yo a Bangalore que es una ciudad muy pero muy limpia. Despues a Cochi y hasta a donde estamos ahora que es Peryar. Aqui en Peryar nos volvimos a encontrar con Mateo y nos la pasamos muy bien. La verdad esque me la podria pasar horas y horas escribiendo de cada lugar. Espero que las fotos les de una idea de lo que estamos pasando en esta pequena aventurita =). Y bueno venimos a Peryar porque es un lugar muy conocido por el Te y el Cafe. Como pueden ver por las fotos, fuimos a ver las plantaciones y les repito que es hermoso por aca. En fin nos la emos pasado super bien y como vuela el tiempo. Nos queda menos de una semana aqui en la India y tenemos tantas cosas que queremos hacer todavia. Mes y medio aqui solo nos sirvio para habrirnos los ojos a tantas cosas que hay y que queremos hacer =) Y bueno, me despido por el momento. OH PERO ANTES, Caro esta bien. Fue al hospital porque le dolia la pansa y le hicieron unos examenes de sangre para ver qeu no fuera fiebre de Typhoid. Solo era un virus por un pollo malo que comio =) Fuimos al Hospital, la vio el doctor, le sacaron sangre, le dieron los resultados, le recetaron medicina y la compramos. Todo sin hacer cita y nos costo menos de $5.00 dollares... =) Pais pobre o no, tienen un sistema medico de PRIMERA!!!

Saludos desde Peryar

Fer y Caro =)


So much has happened and it happens so fast that it's hard to keep up so i'm gonna give you a summary of what's been happening since Palolem. As mentioned before we had a blast in Palolem. We'd planned to stay 4 to 5 days at first but ended up staying 2 weeks =) The beach was great but more than that it was the people we met and friends we made, we just had a blast together. From Chile, Jose, Hugo, Connie, Carla and Isabel. The Spaniards, Xavi, Joel, Paula and Sergio. From Colombia, Pablo. Also Maya and anyone else I might be forgetting. One day for instance we rented a bunch of scooters and motorcycles and went up the Goan coast to several beaches and had an amazing time. When you're traveling down a jungle road and a monkey crosses in front of your scooter, it's something different =) Most nights we'd eat dinner at the Fiesta which is a Mexican restaurant, then head over to CUBA which is a bar and hammer down a few more and finally head to the SKY BAR and dance the night away only a few feet from the crashing waves. =) But ofcourse it all has to end and most everyone moved on. Caro and I headed to Hampi accompanied only by Joel, but by the time we got off the bus in Hampi we'd added Mateo, Italian and two Spanish girls, Olivia and Virginia to our group =) We spent very little time in Hampi but enough to appreciate it's beauty and i mean BEAUTY. From there Virginia and Olivia went their way as did Mateo, but Joel continued with Caro and I to Bangalore which is a super clean city then Cochi and finally here to Peryar. Here in Peryar Mateo met up with us again and we had a good time. I could seriously spend HOURS upon HOURS talking about all the places we're seeing. We hope the pics are giving you a good glimpse into our little adventure =) And so we came here to Peryar because it's well known for it's spice gardens, tea and coffee plantations. As you can see from the photos we've visited gardens and plantations and man its so nice to breathe fresh air =) So we're having a great time and let me tell you, TIME FLIES. We've got less than a week left here in India, yeah we've been here almost a month and a half and all we've accomplished is see how many more things we want to do here. (did that make scense?) Before I sign off let me tell you that CARO is FINE. We took her to the hospital because her stomach was really hurting. Wanted to make sure it wasn't Typhoid fever or something wicked. It turned out to be simple stomach virus from some bad chicken she'd eaten the night before =) Check this out, we went to see the doctor with no appointment, he saw her drew blood ran test, we got the results in about an hour, he gave her a prescription and EVERYTHING costs us less than $5.00 bucks. Developing country or not, it has an amazing health care system!!

Greetings from Peryar

Fer and Caro =)

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