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Yasawa Flyer

World War II Plane Wreck

They Knew I was Coming!

Cave Entrance With Flash

Cave Entrance-No flash

Pregnancy Cave

Me In Spitting Cave

Lo's Tea House

Again, They Knew I was Coming!


Manta Ray

Me & The Manta

Fire Show

In my mind I was a child ...... AND IT FELT GOOD!

Just a quick update. My time in Fiji is nearing an end. I am currently at a place called Manta Ray Eco Resort on Nanuya Palavu in the Yasawa Islands, Fiji. I had the amazing opportunity to swim with a Manta Ray yesterday. Incredible. I took lots of photos and will get some up on this site soon. I promise. I have been a busy island hopping fool this last few weeks and have had some pretty awesome experiences. I swam through caves, fed sharks and even held on to a White Tipped Shark while it dragged me around. I fed and pet a huge Moray Eel, snorkeled a WWII plane wreck, swung in a few hammocks and managed to read a book or two along the way. I have met great, interesting people from all over the globe and I am gathering e-mails and addresses for places to stay along the way. I'm off today to Beachcomber Island - better known as the party island for a couple of nights. I hope they're ready for me! Saturday I'm headed to Vanuatu. I hope they have Hot Showers!

Peace & love to all,


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