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There seems to be a dearth of cheaper hotels in Switzerland, or else we are not recognising the right places, so we are off back into France, fast becoming a favourite destination. Meandered our way north after crossing the border and ended up in Strasbourg, at, of all places, the Ibis Hotel for two nights. Right in the centre of the city, with an underground carpark, and a special winter deal - that suited us fine. The city is so nice we have stayed two nights, and it was a great spot to celebrate my birthday. Took a cruise around the island which makes up the oldest part of Strasbourg- it is just chocka with magnificent buildings, some stone, and some wooden structures, plus a gigantic cathedral with a most unusual astronomical clock inside. Most of the island is walking streets which we took advantage of, exploring all the nooks and crannies. Most people seem to arrive by tram, or bicycle - bikes were everywhere and obviously a popular form of transport. Had our last french dinner in a very nice restaurant- Brian ended up with a germanic type dinner of sausage and sourkraut while I had liver, minced and made into balls, which sounds awful but was in fact yum. So as you can see food is an event we have looked forward to each day- thats part of travelling I guess, trying different foods. For my birthday we bought a new watch- Id lost mine a few days before we left home.

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