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Annecy was a very attractive town-similar to Queenstown in many ways- we wandered along the lakeside- its Saturday and lots of families are out and about, warmly dressed as its about 8 degrees. Had a CD burnt, so all our photos are now safe, and then hit the highway. Entered Switzerland, and immediately had to hand over E30- a highway tax (more like highway robbery!). The next surprise was when we stopped for a cofee and were given change in Swiss francs, not Euros- thats a pain. >Our drive took u through some of the tidiest neatest farmland that youd ever see- I wonder if there is a competition for the best farm! By late afternoon we were struggling to find anywhere that didnt cost and arm and a leg, and eventually at Muttenz we gave in and took a E90 hotel. I think weve become accustomed to a lower level of accommodation because our room was extremely nice, even had a liunge. >Dinner was top quality service and very good food. Somehow I ended up with the same dish as at Annecy- venison etc, even though both meals were had in different countries!

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