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Left after a great breakfast to start the day, and were i8mmediately approached by two young guys for a lift to perpignon, which was where we actually were headed, so in they got plus two dogs!!! Daisy may took us "off piste" and on to what can only be described as a farm track, but oh what a beautiful drive through the Pyrenees- trees dressed in autumn colours and tiny hamlets clinging to the sides of streams in the wedge of the hillsides. The temperature, already low, dropped to - 1 degrees- cold tootsies! We eventually came out of the Pyrenees and arrived at Perpingons train station where we dropped our hitchers off and then set off for the coast. Our drive northwards took us through wetlands, with much birdlife, but many places already cklosed for the winter. Finally found a hotel on the outskirts of >Norbonne. Its quite depressing when a whole coastline is virtually closed up.

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