Where on Earth are Caro and Fer? travel blog

We're at a beach named BOGMALO

Caro made this for all of you =)

Caro playing in the rocks

Caro buying Bread

This is our shower at the huts we stayed at first here...

Donating a large portion of our clothes to aid flood victims in...

Another scooter ride to AGONDA beach

Scenery here in the Palolem Beach area

This little store here sells gas in one litter bottles =) saves...

Caro at theClub

Me at the Club =)

Remember the beers Caro took? Here is the pic I took of...

Moving out of the first huts we stayed at (too expensive)

Somehow we managed to squeez all our bags onto the scooter. Everyone...

This is Agonda Beach, much more quiet and relaxing so we drove...

Me selecting my dinner ( I was hungry=)

This looks like two fish, but it's actually ONE and between three...

Dinner with our Friend JOSE from Chile

Practicing YOGA after dinner

This is where we have breakfast every morning. If you look closely,...

Crossing the bridge to Agonda Beach

Us on the Bridge =)

Caro doing laundry at the new place

New diggs, our FOURTH here in Palolem

Who wants some fresh Coconut?

Espanol despues.....


Hello once again and still from Palolem =) I don't remember where I left off last time or what the date is or even what actual day it is =) (Trust me it's awesome) The day we arrived here in Palolem we checked into these very nice huts, but since we've moved FOUR times. The place has gotten better and better each time, but we're now paying a quarter of what we payed the first two nights. Let me give you an idea of what a day might be like for us here:

Wake up around 9ish shower and get breakfast at one of many places here. Jump on the scooter and drive to the next beach where we chill for a couple hours playing in the waves and laying on the sand. Come home, shower and get ready to go out with friends. Meet friends and walk up and down the beach trying to see who has the best looking fish/lobster and who will give us the best price. Settle on a place and sit for a HUGE meal, on one particular evening it was lobster for all. That means each one of us had our own lobster with an appetizer of tiger prawns =) Leave the restaurant and head for a bar, have some drinks, chat, share stories, laugh and leave for another bar. More chatting, even more laughing, and of course more drinking. Leave for another bar, and fall over laughing for those who're still standing =) To be honest, no one has gotten drunk. But everyone sure is trying =) We've met a really good crowd here in Palolem,last nights group for instance included people from Spain, Chile, England, Sweeden, Mexico of course and everyone is great. Anytime we hear someone speak spanish we either invte them over or join the crowd =)it's a really good vibe. So yeah, having a GREAT time here. Caro and I decided to donate a lot of our clothes to flood victims. So ofcourse we've had to buy new ones. The clothes here are much cooler, even my shorts were too hot for this climate and the pants I bought here are WAY cooler. Besides I choose pants to help with the mosquitoes also =) So we've got a new lighter wardrobe =) Let me see what else can I tell you, oh yeah let me go over the pics a little. The first three pics are at another beach further up north we went to while staying in Panjim. The place Caro is buying bread from is the local bakery and by the end of the week, when ever we arrived the guys inside would scream (((MEXICO))) it was cool =) The shot of me showering is at the first set of huts we stayed at. The shots of us at the CLUB aren't really at a club, it's the restaurant where Caro jacked those very tasty free beers for us. As a matter of fact those pics are JUST before she did it and there's also a pic of her doing it =) The pic of us with our luggage on the scooter, OH MAN. We had a ways to go and didn't want to make several trips so we crammed everything on. The BIG bag on the front made it HARD to turn the wheel and not sure if you can see it, but we even had a bag hanging from the back of the bike. I think we laughed the whole drive over =) I think that's it for now. We're going kayaking in the ocean in about an hour. There's an island not to far out and we want to go there and come back. Our friend Jose is going with us so we got to meet him. Then we'll come back and hit a bar, or maybe three =)

Lots of hugs from us...

Fer and Caro =)


Hola como estamos? Seguimos en la playa de Palolem y la verdad no savemos ni en que dia vivimos =) Esque aqui todos los dias parecen viernes o sabado =) Estamos viviendo en unlugar super padre. Es el cuarto lugar en el que nos quedamos, aparte de que esta SUPER, nos cobran un cuarto de lo que nos cobraban en el primero. Esque no sabiamos =/ Para que se den una idea de como nos la estamos pasando dejenme decirles de que consiste un dia:

Nos paramos como a las 9 y salimos a desayunar a uno de muchos lugares. Acavamos y nos vamos en la moto a otra playa no muy legos pero si con menos gente y mas bonita =) Nos la pasamos un par de horas jugando en las holas y echados en la arena antes de regresar. Nos banamos y salimos con amigos. Caminamos en bola por la playa viendo quien tiene el mejor pescado y negociando para ver quien nos da el mejor precio. Ya que decidimos nos sentamos a una CENOTA que el otro dia fue, Langosta para cada quien, no una para compartir si no una para cada quien. Los precios aqui son BARATISIMOS =) Y bueno comemos, y echamos relajo hasta que nos vamos un bar. Hay nos vemos con mas amigos y nos la pasamos platicando, contando aventuras, riendo y claro tomando. Despues nos vamos a otro bar, talves este en la arenay mas platicar, reir, conocer y tomar. Le seguimos a otro bar donde mas de lo mismo, talves en este nos pongamos a bailar al ritmo de la musica y las olas del mar que estan a solo unos metros del bar. Nos emos echo un buen de amigos aqui, siempre salimos con unos Chilenos, Espanoles, Colombianos, Ingleses etc. Los que hablamos espanol siempre nos juntamos =) En TODO el viaje emos encontrado a gente SUPER PADRISIMA. Yo pienso que como todos somos viajantes y en muchos respectos pensamos muy paresido, tenemos una coneccion muy padre. La verdad que es muy BONITO conectar con tanta gente =) Pero bueno me despido por el momento porque nos estan esperando para ir a una isla que esta aqui serquita. Vamos a rentar unas Kayaks, y nos vamos en bola a ver que=)

Saludos besos y abrasos de nuestra parte.

Nando y Carolina =)

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