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Sums up life in the Tiomans.

Ahhh the Tiomans. As luck would have it I've timed my arrival well, the monsoon season is due any time and that means few visitors. I headed for Salang Beach and booked myself into the excellent Ella's Place and proceeded to do exactly what you're supposed to do on a near deserted island with crystal clear waters, chill out, read and snorkel. OK the weather was a bit hit and miss but that was a small price to pay. Once again the islanders are a very hospitable lot, much more approachable than their Thai cousins to the north. One day 2 I took a snorkel trip to Coral Island and found myself booked with a group of a hundred or so Chinese Malaysian primary school teachers who took me under their wing for the day and finished with the evening barbecue. Happy times!

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