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In the mangrove swamps.

This is as far as my journey into the swamps would go.

Cherating is a beach stop-over on the mid-east cost of Malaysia, and thats the best way to describe this small town because the water is definatly off limits, at least it was when I was there, something to do with nasty creatures in the sea. So that left lazing in the bar or being even more lazy on the beach and a decent wide expansive beach it is too.

I met some Malaysians in a bar on the beach one afternoon and as seems to be the way of things here they insisted I joined then for a drink which became two and then ended in the early hours in a nightclub somewhere or other watching a band churn out rock and roll tunes at an ear-numbing level, surfacing later that morning wondering how I managed to stagger back in one piece. I'm sure you've had a similar experience many times yourself. It took me the next day to recover and before I hired a kayak and delved into the mangrove swamps that surround Cherating for a day, all very worthwhile and provided me with some long overdue exercise.

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