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Here are a few drive-by shots of today's drive south on I-79...











(Ron Writing) It was 37° early this morning – still too cold to suit us so we packed up and headed south. We left Clarksburg on south I-79 which runs southwest through central West Virginia. This is not marked as a scenic route on our AAA map but we think it should be. Perhaps almost every drive in West Virginia would be marked scenic by our standards. We aren’t usually impressed with our drives on interstate highways but this is one of those exceptions. I-79 just winds its way through the beautiful mountains of WV like a snake. It’s a very good highway and the scenery is gorgeous. The foliage color is about at its peak right now along this route so we really enjoyed the drive in spite of the cloudy, rainy weather.

We drove about 130 miles to Charleston, the capital of West Virginia. We are parked at a Sam’s Club in a very large shopping complex in South Charleston. We’re at a fairly low elevation and there is no snow in the forecast but it is supposed to get down to the low 30’s tonight and tomorrow night. We’re still having rain showers regularly and that also will continue until Monday.

Elena took a few photos while we were driving so we would have some memories saved of this beautiful drive. Most of them are blurred from movement of the truck, rain spots on the window, or reflections in the window. But we hope you’ll get an idea of the beauty of this area. I-79 hardly has a straight section as it continually curves around the mountains. There are small towns and farms along the road and beautiful green pastures with cattle grazing on steep hillsides. I could go on but I don’t want our friend Jim to get too homesick!

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