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(Ron Writing) The weather was quite nasty. It started raining early this morning and rained all day long. We drove over to Costco to do a little shopping and Elena prepared a nice dinner. Other than that it was a relaxing day at home.

The forecast is for more of this same weather through Sunday. We hope it doesn't snow tonight. It's already down to 39° at 9 PM.

We purchased gas at Costco for $2.299/gal. That’s the cheapest gas we’ve found since May when we were in Ohio. Just before we entered Canada this spring we were paying about $2.60. During our time in Canada the price ranged from $3.32 to $4.07 US$/gal. with an average of about $3.70.

While traveling in Canada we noticed that all Costco stores there sold propane and their price was much lower than other outlets. We had never seen Costco stores in the US selling propane until today. Here in Lancaster the Costco sells propane for exactly half what we paid to fill our tanks a couple days ago in Riverdale, NJ. From now on we’ll be planning our propane stops at Costco whenever possible.

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