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The Shinkansen bullet train

Waiting on the platform at Shin-Osaka station for our train

The Shukkeien garden - a quiet oasis in the heart of Hiroshima...

Tea house in Shukkeien garden

The main tower of Hiroshima castle - rebuilt in 1958 after the...

Newly built temple in the grounds of Hirosshima castle

The A-bomb dome - the only original building still standing, now preserved...

School children bring chains of oregami cranes to the Children's Monument

Looking through the senotaph to the A-bomb dome

8:15 Fountain (like clock hands) - the time the bomb exploded on...

Took the Nozomi Shinkansen bullet train to Hiroshima. Top whack is 170 mph and the trains are always on time to within 30 seconds.

Hiroshima is a sobering place to visit. Although completely rebuilt since the atomic bomb in 1945 and now a thriving industrial city again, there are still reminders everywhere of those events and the main visitor attraction is the Peace Memorial Park which is at "Ground Zero" directly below the detonation point. The pictures of the devastation and the stories of the survivors are gut wrenching.

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