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Black Crowned Crane

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We ended up spending two weeks here. There were just too many things to do in this area to get done in one week! While here we:

- Visited Milwaukee's Harley Davidson Museum. This museum was opened in 2008 and was very interesting, both the motorcycles and the visitors. Talk about diversity!

- Drove to Watertown, WI to tour the Octagon House. It is five floors of solid brick construction and was completed in 1854. It is one of the largest single family residences of the pre-Civil War period in Wisconsin. It includes central heating, running water and ventilating systems - pretty modern conveniences for this time period. It also has a central, spiral staircase that rises from the first floor to the tower room.

- Drove from Watertown to Horicon National Wildlife Refuge in Horicon, WI. There we saw dozens of sandhill cranes, white and blue herons, red headed ducks and many American coot ducks.

- Spent several days shopping in the Madison area. Clothes for Ingrid and a windshield wiper for the coach.

- Drove to Spring Green, WI to view the "House on the Rock". This place is a true testimony to the worship of "stuff". A polite way of saying this would be "collecting". First, the house is literally built on top of a 60 foot chimney of rock called Deer Shelter Rock. It was built in the 1940s. One of the features of the home is the Infinity Room, which projects out over the Wyoming Valley 218 feet and contains 3,264 windows. Other buildings/rooms have been added to the complex and contain various collections. The most impressive to us was the carousel. It has over 20,000 lights and 269 hand-crafted animals with none of them being a horse. It is something to see at least once in your life. We spent over 3.5 hours walking around there and did not spend much time in any one place. It is huge.

- Visited the International Crane Foundation in Baraboo, WI. I probably don't need to say this, but if you haven't noticed, we like birds! This place was wonderful. They have all 15 species of cranes here.

- Toured the Big Cat Rescue in Rock Springs, WI. They care for several lions, tigers and leopards. One of our favorites was Mya, a tiger cub.

- Took an Army Duck ride while visiting the Wisconsin Dells. What fun! These vehicles are original World War II amphibious DUCKs. We started out on land and then drove into Lake Delton and on to Dell Creek. Jim even captioned for a while once we were in the lake. The scenery here is very picturesque.

- Spent a larger wad of money on new tires for the car. Guess 2009 is the year of the tire because we purchased new tires for the coach earlier in the summer. Ouch.

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