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Decided on abus to Chefchouen so at 0830 we set off in two petite taxis and drove to the bus station, only our taxi went a different way to Wayne and Delwyns, and there we were split from them and all the luggae. We drove to two different bus stations and the train station, brokee down at some traffic lights and eventually got our dirver to take us back to the hotel. Out came the recption Manager and a dust up occurred with the taxi driver, fortunately the other driver turned up and we gratefully got into his taxi and set off back to one of the bus stations where he had left wayne and delwayn. In the meantime an english speaking ticket seller had organised lookouts for us , sorted out our bus tickets, and within an hour we were off for a 2 hr drive via tetuoan at the princley sum of 27 Dirhams each- about $7. Travelling by bus is always an experience- the people on the bus, the coutnryside and the villages passed. At Chefchouyen we bought tickets for the following day to Fez then followed a young opportunist up the hill and into the maze of the medina, to a pension, at 250 Dirhams a room. While this is a relatively small medina it is probably one of the easiest to explore- relaxed shop owners meant a good intorduction for Wayne and Delwyn for whom this is their first visit to Morocco. Lunch was tajines and salad followed by melon and sweet mint tea, after which Wayne stepped into a barbers and over the next 45 minutes managed to get a number 3 haircut and shaved three times- all for about $8. He decided he´d have a shave every day now until we leave Morocco. Managed to see a wedding march- bride accompanied by drummers and trumpets and all her girlfriends carrying food and presents on their heads.

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