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Washington DC Metro Rail. The best way around the city.

Georgetown. Our first stop the first day in town.

A new old building - I believe a bank in Georgetown.

Some old rowhouses still in use by business and residence in Georgetown.

Front of the Whitehouse from our trolley.

One of the legislatures officebuildings.

Inside of the old historic Train Depot building. Everyone use to arrive...

The clock at the Depot.

A museum - maybe art.

The front lawn and the Capital building.

The Smithsonian.

Washington Memorial

Jefferson Memorial

Washington Memorial reflecting on the Patomic River.

East side of the Lincoln Memorial.

Statue of Abraham Lincoln inside the Lincoln Memorial.

Washington Memorial facing the reflecting pond from the steps of the Lincoln...

Statue of Viet Nam War US soldiers next to the memorial.

The name of my good friend Paul Adams on the Viet Nam...

The Viet Nam Memorial Wall.

A memorial to the women who served in the Viet Nam War.

Robert E Lee's residence overlooking Arlington National Cemetary.

Soldier guarding the Tomb of the Unknown at Arlington National Cemetary.

Guard preparing to return march.

Beautiful amphitheater behind the Tomb of the Unknown.

Memorial to the Maine.

Memorial to those who died in the Space Shuttle Challenger accident.

Me in front of a very large anchor at the Maine Memorial.

Rita by a Spainish cannon by the Maine Memorial.

Washington Memorial from a hill in Arlington National Cemetary.

Across the cemetary toward the Petagon.

Rita at the back entrance of the Capital Building on our 2nd...

Lady Freedom statue in the basement of the Capitol.

The statue from which the bronze was cast for the top of...

A closeup of Freedom's head.

Statue of Freedom atop the Capitla Building.

Casting on face of the Senate Building.

A picture through the trees of the front of the Capital Building.

A statue in front of the Smithsonian Mesuem of Art.

Do you recognize this sculpture. It is about 20' tall.

Inside the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. Large prehistoric crockadile bones.

A giant African Elephant at the museum.

Glassed in display of lions attacking a water buffalo.

A leopard with it's kill.

Mastadon bones.

Giant Sloth bones.

Another Mastadon.

A prehistoric deer. Look at those horns.

Statue in front of Smithsonian castle.

A mounted police patroling the mall area. The uniformed police were present...

Oct. 1, 2009 Washington, DC

Rita and I spent two days visiting Washington, DC. Of course we didn’t even scratch the surface when it comes to seeing all the sights that were of interest to us. I think that a person could spend a month of touring and still not see all of it. Just too much. Decisions have to be made and then made again to tour places like DC for a short time. Sometimes decisions about what to see are made by the proximity to where you are at the moment. There can be lots of walking around even those sites that you do visit. Rita and I took some time to recover after our two days of visiting there. We did take advantage of the Old Town Trolley and Metro Rail to get around the city. We would highly recommend the Metro Rail as your main means of travel about town. Very clean, quick and a day pass will take you anywhere fairly inexpensive. It gets you where you want to go and has many well planned locations for entry and exit at those locations where most tourists like to visit. We road the Metro into DC from the west at Vienna / Fairfax Metro Station in Virginia. If you want to see the main locations before you stop and spend some time, a trolley tour is the way to start. We did it first to checkout DC for some places to visit the next day. We took the Metro to those locations that interested us the next day.

Of course the Capital building is a must for anyone visiting, Even for a mid week visit there were lots of people there. We went into the entry area at the back and in the basement where you have to go to enter the building. The lines were so long to go upstairs into the rotunda that we opted not to wait since we wanted to see other sites in the city. However we did visit the very nice museum in the basement which cover the building of the Capital and the many phases it went through in construct it. They also had the statue of Lady Freedom from which they made the mold for the bronze casting on the pedestal atop the dome.

We did visit the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. We spent most of our time there viewing everything from stuffed exhibits of animals to bones from prehistoric animals from around the world. They also had s very interesting exhibit of fish and mammals from the seas. A very good exhibit of deep sea exploration including a displayed 20’ giant squid.

Enough said. I will let the pictures posted do most of the explaining of what we saw. It was a great visit. However as I said, there was no way that we got to see everything we would have liked to.

Next stop the Chesapeake Bay area of Virginia.

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