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Allegany Mountain Resort in the beautiful wooded rolling hills of western New...

Beautiful sunrise where we camped.

More of the sunrise in the Allegany Mountains.

The Canook geese. Note the sidewalk.. Watch your step everywhere. Lots of...

Great paths to walk around the lake.

Leaves starting to change in the mountains.

40th Anniversary at Niagara Falls. Actually October 13th is the day.

The Niagara Falls from the American side.

Path down to the falls for those with the stamina to hike...

The mighty American River tumbling over the falls.

Niagara Falls with Canada in the background.

Shyline of Niagara Falls, Canada

The "Maid of the Mists" cruise. See all of the blue poncho...

Sept. 16 - 20, 2009 Allegheny Mountain Resort, East Otto, NY

Finally a little fall color. The temperatures are starting to get cooler in upper state New York. Where we are in western New York temperatures are still kind of mild with the daytime highs in the upper 60’s and lows at night in the 50’s. Just enough change to start coloring the leaves in the hills surrounding the resort. Again we are among only a few campers. As for the Canadian Geese in residence they are plentiful. On the lake and on the lawns they are everywhere during the day. At night they fly away somewhere to the east. They have great paths for walking around the lake. We are take our walks in the mornings and evenings when we spend our days in camp.

One of our days we decided to go to Niagara Falls since it was only 60 miles away. It was a great decision. It is hard to imagine the amount of water that passes over those falls. The views are amazing and there are lots of ways to experience them. Paths and trails go around the top and down to the bottom of the falls. For those who wish to get up close as my brother and his wife Peggy and our friends Ron and Kathy did. There is the “Maid of the Mist” boat ride right up to the base. You get a blue rain poncho to try and keep your clothing dry. For those who would rather walk up to them from below there are the yellow poncho’s and an elevator. Of course all of these cost something. Rita is not fond of boats so we opted not to take the cruise. We did do lots of walking around and viewing from above however. Of course you get a great view of Niagara Falls, Canada from the American side. It was a fun day and of course April enjoyed her visit too.

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