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View of Bahrain from the Pool on the Roof

Caro getting ready to enter the Pool

I decided to join Caro =)

One more just for kicks =)

This is Daniels place, the lights you see through the window are...

They made me feel welcomed here in Bahrain =)

TONS of construction here in Bahrain

City shot of Bahrain

Very conservative country, these are the swimsuits for females.

City view from the Fort

This is what the Fort looks like at night

Room inside of the Fort

This is what the roof looks like during the day

View from the pool during the day

En espaƱol despues... (ya se saben la rutina=)


Ok so as I type this, we're sitting in Daniels Flat (apartment) on the waterfront in Bahrain. We were told of this Couchsurfing thing by some friends we made while in Egypt and it sounded to good to be true, so we decided to give it a try=) We created a profile and then sent some requests for someone to let us crash on their couch for a few days while in Bahrain. Daniel was one of the responses we got and without knowing him or of him we left Cairo with olny directions to his place and his phone number (not much use since we don't have a cell with us).

So we exit the airport, CROSS OUR FINGERS and get in a taxi with directions to who knows where and hope for the best. After about 10 mins of driving the cab driver asks if we have a phone he can call, so we give him Daniels phone. We could hear the dial tone on the other end of the line and all I kept thinking was PLEASE BE REAL, PLEASE BE REAL... Not sure what was said but Daniel answered and after something like 10 secs the driver hung up. Three or so mins later we're in this street across from a Hospital (which was one of the landmarks we were looking for) and the drivers phone rings. It's Daniel, and he tells the driver to just drop us off in front of the Hospital. Well, that's just what the driver does, and as im unloading our bags a clean cut american guy walks up and introduces himself as Daniel. WHEW!! So yeah, it wasn't some sort of cruel joke, he takes us up to his apartment which is on the 9th floor of a 9 story building and HOLY SHIT it's a nice place. As you come in and turn right towards the living room BAM!!! an AWESOME waterfront view of Bahrain. This was far from the hour rental PIMP hotels, TEEN hostels and cockroaches we'd shared a night with so far on our journey =) We'd hoped for a couch to crash on, but were given our our room and private bathroom and laundry is FREE. It was only around 7:00pm and thought it couldn't get any better, but just then Daniel tells us that we're more than welcome to use the POOL on the ROOF of the building if we like. WHAT!? HELLS YEAH =) So off to the roof Caro and I go expecting to mingle with the folks but instead find the whole place empty and to ourselves =)

Basically this is how we've spent the last couple days in Bahrain, RELAXING, recharging our batteries for the next leg our journey which starts in just a couple hours as we head to the airport and leave for India =)

Daniel did take us to this really cool FORT, although he could tell us NOTHING about it =) it made for some cool photos and a good time =)

All in all, we're very happy to have stopped here in Bahrain =)


Okay, bueno encontramos una pagina de internet que unos compas nos aconsejaron y se trata de personas que estan viajando y necesitan un lugar en donde quedarse, en la pagina encuentras personas que te dejan quedarse en su casa. Y nuestra primera experiencia fue en este pais de Bahrain. La mayoria de las personas son del ejercito militar de la Navy. El chavo Daniel super buena onda por cierto nos dejo que nos quedaramos en su depa y dejenme decirles que me senti que habia regresado a mi casa. Tenia Aire Acondicionado, una piscina en el ultimo piso, un chorro de libros, peliculas, Cable, todo esta nuevo y super limpio de su depa. Por fin tuvimos un break de nuestras aventuras salvajes. Ahh y por cierto encontramos Leche de Soya y pude cenar cereal y comimos frutas y verduras. Se los juro que me senti sonada. No me quiero ir pero bueno tenemos que seguir las aventuras. Bahrain es un pais en el (Middle East/ Medio Oriento creo que se dice en Espanish) donde encuentran hombres Arabes vestidos de blanco con su cabeza cubierta manejando Mercedez Bens y Lamborginis puro carraso. Aqui la ciudad esta super limpia, encuentran muchos edificios altisimos ahh y claro muchos centro comerciales con un chorro de tiendas. Ahh y el apartamento ofrese lavadoras y secadoras gratis. Haci que pudimos lavar los Chonis GRATIS!!!

Bueno pues en unas horas Pelamos Gallo a la India (deceenos suerte) =)

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