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Jamaica Inn popularized by author Daphne DuMaurier


We found it packed with tourists

The Biomes of the Eden Project

Mevagissey - it has a working harbor

Our B&B "Wild Air"

The narrow one lane - two way road to our B&B

The harbor view from our B&B. Notice the red ferry to the...

A sailboat comes in for the evening

We had a great dinner here



Looking over the harbor after dinner

A swan at low tide

The next day down the hill to the ferry


Boarding for the 35 minute trip to Fowey

One of the fishing boats in the Mevagissey harbor

Enjoying the trip


A cave at the shore. This is reputed to be smugglers' territory

Rolling hills

Our ferry

Fowey (pronounced Foy)

The grammar school garden


Fowey's central square

The catch of the day

Fowey had narrow streets just like Mevagissey

These six ladies were having a good chat

The green door

An old Morris Minor

An older NCR cash register (1901) at the Tea Shop where we...

Back to the ferry dock for a 12:50 departure

The ferry camer in right on time. John and Michael run this...

An old tower

An RV park along the way back

The tide was out when we went to town for dinner

The pub

We had a fine view of the harbor

Our view

Thursday, September 24 - Friday, September 26

After leaving Caroline and Ed, we made it to Mevagissey in Cornwall with a lunch stop at Jamaica Inn (re: author Daphne DuMaurier) for lunch and a stop at the bio-futuristic Eden Project. Driving in Mevagissey was a nightmare, but we had no choice, since our B&B was on the far side.  We drove around the inner town once and could not see how to get onto, or even find, the street we needed, and we found ourselves heading back the way we came in.  There was no cell phone signal, so we stopped at the Mevagissey Athletic Club and went in where a kind lady knew our hostess and told us where to turn.  When we got back to that place in the village, it appeared to be a very narrow one-way street on a steep hill with cars coming at us, so again we found ourselves whirled back to the Athletic Club.  The same lady said that it was indeed a two-way street, and that the locals knew where the pull-offs were for oncoming cars.  So we took a deep breath and started up only to find a truck coming down at us, and WE had to back up into a tiny spot.  When we made it to the top, there was the B&B right at the leveling-off spot of the top of the hill with three parking spots  - we put our car in one and did not come out until we left on Saturday morning!  We walked down into the town and had a very good dinner.

The next day we took the ferry to Fowey (a 35 minute ride) that is another town larger than Mevagissey where, after exploring for an hour, we had lunch in a small Tea Shop. After lunch, the ferry took us back to our B&B that was only up the hill from the dock, so we had an opportunity to slow down and just rest for the remainder of the afternoon. We had a light dinner at a local pub which overlooked the Mevagissey harbor. The tide was out and the boats were aground. Tom was fretting about driving down the hill the next day as he drifted off to sleep that night.

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