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Relaxing in the Butterfly Bar

One of the residents

Enjoying the Siam Reap nightlife

Lucy holding a Cambodian Policemans truncheon?!

In Siam Reap now, and are hiring a Tuk-tuk tomorrow to see the Temples of Angkor.

Was a major adventure and struggle to get here tho, apart from the 'interesting' people we met - a guy from Bradford who thought he was Rambo, but just looked like he had a sarong on his head, and his young Thai 'girlfriend',another western guy and his pretty Thai 'girlfriend' and a friendly Ozzie couple.

The travelling involved a bus ride, a long wait at the border for disorganised people to get their visas - not us surprisingly, we had ours sorted, then a huge queue to get out of Thailand, then another huge queue to get into Cambodia (all the time carrying all our luggage in the midday heat), then a bus journey we will never forget!

Another interesting gang of people, British guy who was supplementing his can of Fanta with Gin, a rather large dude from Pakistan who when asked about British music proceeded to comment that "yes he did like eating 'The Beatles'", and then two other friendly English youngsters like us.

But about that bus ride......

The roads here look like they were tarmacked about 2000BC and herds of elephants have since trampled on them! Seriously, if you saw any of the Ewan McGregor, Charlie Boorman motorbiking round the world programme, then think Mongolian style!! Ok maybe slightly better, but we flew out of our seats, and arses into the air many times!

But arrived in one piece after also surviving a torrential downpour/lightening/thunder episode on the way (i thought it was supposed to be the dry season!!?)

Got hustled into a guesthouse that we didn't really want to be at, but were too tired to argue, had a bite to eat and went to bed.

Checked out as early as possible today, and into the hostel we wanted to be at, and have had a relaxing day in a Butterfly Bar, sampling the drinks and sorbets and admiring the wildlife - 1000s of butterflies with over 20 local species, frogs, lizards, you name it! fabulous and very restful!

And once again, as we sit on the tinternet, it's Monsooning!

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