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Last day in Corfu

Last day also =(

Cruising on the Scooter of Love =)

More Cruising

Typical scene on the streets of Corfu

First night in Cairo Egypt, view from our room =)

Inside the oldest Pyramid on EGYPT (Illegal pic shhhh)

Our guide for the day, Haseem buying groceries for his wife

Tour of the Giza Pyramids

The big one

Caro a little excited =)

Special appearance by Joe Camel

Standing at the base of the Pyramid

Enjoyin gthe tour

more scenery


All four of us on the tour

The Nile

Caro and Alexis blending in to go to the market

Cairo Cemetary

"Old Cairo" Museum

Back in our room, celebrating with Beer. (buying beer here is like...

Caro in the Hostel Elevator (no safety inspectors here)

City of Cairo =)

Un Resumen en Espanol hasta abajo =)


Ok so at present we're back in CAIRO after a couple days at a place called KUM-KUM just south of TABA but more on that later with pics.

Our last day in Corfu was interesting, we took our little scooter and headed to the West side of the island hoping to see a very recommended beach. Well the roads are a bit confusing not to mention it started raining. Long story short, we ended BACK at the hostel coming from the East side. Yeah we somehow managed to make a full circle =) So we went to this place close to the hostel in Sidari, you can see it on the pics. The place with the coves and clear blue water =)

Next day we made a day long journey across Greece all the way to Athens, so we got to see a good bit and get a good feel for the country. At the Athens Airport we kept running into this couple but didn't think to say anything, (ill explain in a bit). We get to Cairo and and as i'm changing Euros to Egyptian pounds the couple are standing behind us, still no conversation or anything. I'd set up a driver to pick us up and when we got through customs there was a guy standing with a sign that read "Meramees Hotel Fernado". Cairo was the first time we felt a bit of a culture shock. We had no idea but we landed here in the middle of RAMADAN (not sure of the spelling) but its a big religious holiday that lasts for something like 30 days. Just as we get going in the taxi to our hostel, the speakers start blasting a prayer. Not sure why im mentioning this, but it was VERY interesting. Anyway the next morning we get up and guess who's at the hostel with us, that couple from the airport in Athens =) This time we struk up a conversation cause we were like WTF, whats going on here. Their names are Phil (of all names) and Alexis and they just happen to have the same itinerary for 8 days as us. WHAT ARE THE ODDS =)

The next couple days the 4 of us ventured out to see the city and sites. We hit the Cairo Museum, WOW, Every little artifact from the books we've seen since elementary school we got to see in person including the mummies of Ramsees just to name one. I could write all day about the things we saw. Oh yeah, the airport had very friendly security. Everyone smiled and was very welcoming, the museum however is a different beast. We had to go past 3 metal detectors before we could enter. And as we approached the first, one guy was not allowed to enter (dont know why) and another was cuffed and sat on the curve, He was crying. Oh yeah, there are guards all around the museum with machine guns. It was a bit intimidating, I did NOT DARE take out my camera here =)

We ventured out at night to the market, someone told us it would be interesting. HOLY SHIT!!!!! NOW THIS WAS INTIMIDATNG, if only for the reason that i had a black back around my neck with our passports and cash that just screamed TOURIST, and my wallet in the right front pocket with more cash. Our friend Phil had his taken from his front pocket so this made me VERY weary about pulling my hand out. Every stand we passed someone grabbed, tugged or got in my face to get me to enter and buy something. Caro and was dressed normal (for us) and stood out like a sore thumb. The market had VERY FEW women and the ones there had their hair covered, no skin showing (wearing gloves even)and some only showing their eyes. I've never been to a place so packed in with people. But it gets better, the people spill into the streets and fight for space with traffic. So ofcourse you have everyone honking their ass off. We literally felt like the little frog from the arcade FROGER. Ok so we decide to leave the market and go to the shopping district, this means not street vendors, but actual stores. Well let me give you a visual, (i've been to the Vegas strip for New Years) Again cars and people fighting for space because the sidewalks were JAM PACKED. This made the Strip ON NEW YEARS look like an empty parking lot NO JOKE, we've got pics. Basically Cairo is a BIG city with LOTS of people crammed into it and it seem they all go out at night because its so much cooler. Except the streets are just as crowded during the day...


ahy les va en Espanish. Cairo la ciudad ke nunca duerme. Si pensaban ke la ciudad de Mexico era caotica pues dejenme decirles ke Cairo le gana a la ciudad Mil vecez. La gente aki sale de noche ya que hace un chorro de calor. Por cierto la gente no se pone desodorante y por lo visto Fer se cree Egypto porke como ke ya van varias vecez ke me dan unos olorsitos ke nomas no. La gente no obedece los letreros de el trafico aki manejan como les da la gana.

Haci unos dias fuimos a un restaurante y descubri como lavan los trastes el Chavito solo limpia los cubiertos con la servilleta y les sopla aire y los vuelve a poner en la Mesa. KE ASCO DIOS MIO!!!!! Todo esta super cochino si vieran la basura ke ahy en esta ciudad.

Nos toco andar en Camellos y visitar las piramides dejenme decirles ke estos Animalotes dan Miedo y no son tan mansitos como uno cree.


El camello de Caro le escupio a Alexis, la chava que andava con nosotros =) El trafico de aqui esta dela patada. Se va con el de mexico solo que aqui la gente se baja de la banqueta porque no caben y compiten por espacio con los carros. Varias veses casi nos llevan asi que lo que hacemos ahora es crusarnos a la derecha de algun local. Asi si se lo llevan, siquiera nos dan unos segundos para correr =)

Bueno, lla llevamos mas de una hora aqui y como solo hay 2 compus la cola nos esta echando unas miraditas =) Despues le seguimos con el viaje al Mar Rojo =)

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