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This morning we saw kids arriving at the school across the street...

Perce Rock from across the bay. Note how cloudy it was when...

Tour boat near the rock to give an idea of the size.

View of Anse du Nord from Mont Joli.

View of Rocher-Perce from Mont Joli.

From a sign board - an aerial view of Mont Joli, Perce...

Cap Barre from Mont Joli.

Another view of Perce Rock from Mont Joli. The "rock" is 1,545'...

Bonaventure Island from Mont Joli.

Pano view of Perce from Mont Joli - three photos stitched together.

So many wild flowers still blooming in this area.


Mont Joli

Anse du Nord and Cap Barre.

View of Cap Canon and end of Perce Rock from the boardwalk...

Chairs along the boardwalk depicting Northern Gannets

Chair with seals. There are many species of whale and other sea...

View of Perce Rock from the boardwalk.

View of Cap Canon and Mont Joli from the boardwalk.

Another view from the boardwalk. Notice how nice and clear the sky...

View of Perce area from Highway 132 north of town.

Saint-Michael Catholic Church. Built around 1900 plans called for a 50' spire...

Very beautiful on the inside.

At one time, the priest preached from the pulpit at top of...


More "spring" flowers.

View from Hwy 132 north of Perce at the east tip of...

(Ron Writing) It was very cloudy this morning as we left Chandler continuing northeast on Highway 132 counter-clockwise around the Gaspe Peninsula. It was only a short way to Perce and we then spent most of the afternoon enjoying this very beautiful area. This area is very mountainous and the unique Rocher-Perce Island just off shore adds so much to the beauty. Bonaventure Island is slightly further off shore and is a national park protecting the more than 110,000 Northern Gannets and other rare species of birds nesting there.

We hiked up to Mont Joli for a good view of both the town of Perce and the nearby islands. We also walked along the long boardwalk above the beach, walked around town, took a drive through the nearby mountains and stopped by the beautiful St. Michael Catholic Church. The sky steadily got clearer and by mid-afternoon there were few clouds left.

It was quite cool, mostly in the high 50’s or low 60’s with a good breeze. But then considering that we are a long ways north again - in fact we are at about the same latitude as Twillingate, Newfoundland – that’s to be expected at this time of the year.

Late this afternoon we left Perce continuing north on Highway 132. This took us to the eastern tip of the peninsula and then a little farther to the town of Gaspe. We noticed a Canadian Tire Center as we drove into town and stopped there to see if they could repair one of the trailer tires. A couple days ago the Pressure Pro tire monitor alerted us to low pressure in the right rear tire. I found a screw had punctured the tire causing a very slow leak. We arrived here just when they were closing so we are parked in their lot and will have them look at it tomorrow morning.

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