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Travelled today through the final passes and into Spain. The spanish side is much drier and the road more of a motorway, not so rugged. drove towards Pamplona but found a note about a village about 20 kms off our route so wound our way through a deep canyon (saw two eagles) finally reaching Anso mid afternoon, but no luck with accommodation so travelled a bit further back to the next twon called Echo and struck gold. A hotel at E42, so dropped our bags and hunted down a bar for a well earned beer. Got caught up in what turned out to be the villages´ annual festival. All the young adults were out and dressed in a variety of sotumes, which included water pistols >(aimed at us as well as anyone close by) plus a band turned up so it was all on. After an hour of hilarity we followed them down through the winding cobbled streets to a sports area where seats were set out, and a stage area. Shortly several musicians set up, and then dancers arrived, and we were treated to an hours´´ celebration of music and traditional dancing. What a wonderful start to our spanish adventure, especially for Wayen and Delwyn. Around 9.30pm we sauntered back into the village and sat at a bar/restaurant and instead of ordering a full meal we just ordered a plato of this and that- raciones, or large tapas- a dish of anchovy stuffed olives, roasted chicken legs and wings, and a tostada with tomato, gherkin and anchovy on top- all washed down with a jug of cold tinto (rose).

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