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Welcome to the harbor at Port Clinton.

A boat heading out of Port Clinton Harbor into Lake Erie.

A great Blue Heron allowed me to get quite close for a...

Shoreline along Port Clinton and Lake Erie.

A nuclear power plant cooling tower on Lake Erie.

One of the large number of seagulls that made our RV park...

GPS location of the entrance into Port Clinton Harbor.

One of the boat slips located in our RV park. Mostly full...

One of many sailboats and yats coming and going from the harbor.

A catamaran ferry coming in from one of the many islands that...

Sailboats returning from Lake Erie to harbor.

A great little fish house to have walleye in Port Clinton.

April says hi...

Port Clinton, Ohio was a very nice stop along our way to the east coast. The Erie Island Resort where we camped for the town nights was a very nice site. Close to Port Clinton and Lake Erie it was a great opportunity to visit the lake and see some of the local community. We also enjoyed a very good fish and chips meal while touring. I had some of the walleye which they named as their claim to fame. Port Clinton claims to be the walleye capital of the world. That was my second experience at eating walleye. I also had some in a little restaurant in Orangeville. It is a pretty good fish I think. Kind of like red snapper but a freshwater fish. The harbor at Port Clinton was a great place to visit. Very scenic and a nice place to watch small personal craft going in and out of Lake Erie. We saw everything from a small 12’ aluminum fishing boat to a large ferry boat coming and going. Lots of sailboats are tied up in the harbor and some could be seen out on the lake. They have a nice sidewalk going out the harbor jetty to the entrance tower on the point. I happened to be fortunate enough to have an opportunity to photograph a blue heron walking down the sidewalk ahead of us. It allowed me to get closer than I have ever been able to get to one before it flew. Rita, April and I walked out to the point at the end of the jetty and enjoyed a great view of Erie Lake and the shoreline. Also a great place to watch boats coming and going. Our next stop will be further up Lake Erie and east Ohio to Jefferson and close-by Geneva-on-the-Lake. Until then..

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