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Sam gives a stirring lecture at the labyrinth in Port Hope, Ontario

My rendition of Hamlet's soliloquy given free to the city of Port...

Cool restaurant in Vieux Montreal

Sunset above the waterfront

More waterfront

Subway mural

Tower at the Olympic stadium

Our room in the Latin Quarter of Montreal

The old and the new

Parc du Mont Royal above Montreal

The observation deck at Parc du Mont Royal

Self portrait, Montreal

(We got kicked off our computers in Burlington, so this portion was written in Montpelier. See if you can notice the regional differences.)

We had a great day on Monday. We had some yummy breakfast at a great place Laura recommended (thanks, Laura!) and made our way through Canada. We had a nice evening in Port Hope, Ontario where we stopped for dinner at a pub and for coffee at this great little cafe. The town of Port Hope was really cool. It's situated on a river and is filled with beatiful old victorian homes and churches. We walked around after dinner and played around at the church and local theatre (see pictures) in town. We decided we had a few more hours of driving in us before we stopped late in the night at Cornwall, Ontario.

We left for Montreal on Tuesday morning after a great conversation with the proprieters of our motel. They had lived on Vancouver Island in British Colunbia for years before returning east to Cornwall, so we chatted about the lovely west coast. We arrived in Montreal early Tuesday afternoon. My not so brilliant navigational skills had us taking the longest, slowest and busiest street into the city. Thankfully, Nate didn't kill me and we found our hotel, parked the car and walked for the remainder of the trip. Our hotel was in the Latin Quarter and within walking distance of Old Town. This was great because we found tons of restaurants, cafes and bars nearby.

Montreal is an amazing city. The arcitecture is fantastic! There's a great marriage of old and new buildings dotting the skyline. We both fell in love with it and were scheming ways to become Canadian citizens, but alack, we decided we would just have to come back and visit some day soon. Oh yeah, and we don't speak French. The French thing was a little difficult because we both kept trying to speak Spanish instead, but luckily most folks also spoke English.

We basically spent our three days there walking, eating and drinking lots of great coffee. Someone recommended a cafe to us that became our hangout from there on out. Tuesday was absolutely beautiful - sandals and T-shirts - so we took advantage of the weather and walked by the port in the afternoon, got our free cone at Ben and Jerry's (for free cone day) by the Old Town and then spent the evening at an outdoor bar eating, talking and drinking a bit too much sangria.

On Wednesday, it was raining and freezing cold (rain jackets, shoes, stocking caps), so we passed the day indoors at the the Biodome, a huge dome with four distinct ecosystems to wander through, and the Modern Art Museum. We lucked out with the art museum and went Wednesday evening when it's free. In the evening, we made some coffee and tea in our room and sat and read.

Thursday was sunny and cool, so we spent the day at Mont Royal Park and walked what felt like the entire city length. It was a beautiful park with wonderful views of the city. We also paid 4 dohlars (Canadian dollars) to see the inside of the Notre Dame basilica. Beautiful, but I'm not convinced that they needed the money for upkeep. Just melt one of the gold plated posts for cash.

Any which way, cities are expensive, so we figured it was time to head out and make our way to Vermont, and this we did at about 7:00 on Thursday night . . .

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