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Chilling on our Bunks at the Generator Hostel, Berlin

Israel from Mexico City, Fers adopted son...

Times are rough, our latest hostel. (bit chilli)

Drinking a CHELA on the streets of Berlin


Berlin, Folsom Street Festival Rainbow

Berlin, Folsom Street Festival Chaps

Bird man, aka, Snow White

Caro hugging a Bruin in Berlin

Hostel upgrade, comes with fridge and table.

This pic was taken after our last post on our way back...

But ran into our friends from Argentina and Brazil and they invited...

Tent city in Munic

Us singing kumbayas at the fire

Our bed(s) (FORTRESS)

In bed (Temperature outside below was 30 degrees)

Munic to Venice

Anek Ferry to Corfu, Greece

Venice sunset from the top deck of the Ferry

Our view of Venice from the Ferry

Our Bed on the Deck of the Ferry

Deck of the Ferry

View from our First Hostel In Corfu

More of that view (Don't be jealous now =)

Angelica's Hostel (our new hostel, appartment)

First homemade dinner of trip (Corfu Appartment)

Waiting for Dummer to join me for a Ride =)


Ok so we'll try and catch you up cause we're on a time crunch

Since the last time we wrote we left Berlin on a very long journey to Corfu, Greece. It was roughly 36 hours and it included stops in Munic for a night and Venice to transfer from the train to the Ferry.

Here we go, so i've done all the hostel bookings up til Berlin and the morning we were leaving Berlin for Munic I decided to let Caro book it. What could possible go wrong...

The train ride to Munic was awesome in regards to the scenery, but we'll show you those pics when we get home. So we get to Munic, 7 hours later, around 9pm and its a little chilly but nothing too bad. We take the tram and get to our stop. The walk to our hostel was through a LONG, DARK street i'd say 3/4 mile and when we finally get there I see a HUGE sign that reads, "Welcome to the Tent". Interesting name I thought, but i'm sure CARO didn't book us a campsite... We walk under and past the huge welcome sign and WRONG... It was a campsite, people playing ping-pong, sitting in hammocks, playing guitar around the fire and singing songs, and that burnt wood smell of a campfire filling the air. First reaction was "Oh, different but not bad" We get to the check in area and the lady asks if we have sleeping bags, (first bad sign) "No, why do we need them?" She gave us a look of "Don't you know this is a C-A-M-P S-I-T-E? Then proceeded to let us know that it would get chilli at night so she could let us borrow some blankets. "Three each" she said, and i thought "nah thats too many "WHAT FOR?" I'll tell you what for in a min. So we go to THE tent and it's HUGE. Picture one of those circus tents filled with about 120 bunk beds (see pics). We settled in, went to the kitchen for dinner and hung out at the camp fire chatting up with the locals for a little while. It was a good time =)

Then it was time for bed... It was 12:00am the campfire sorroundings were of course warm but we got to THE tent and it was freaking COLD. The temperature was NO JOKE below 30 degrees. Coldest night of our life, we put our bunks together and built one of those forts one builds as a kid. Escept this was for survival. We went and begged for more blankets so we could block the sides and then laid in bed with 7 blankets over us. It was so cold Caro kept asking that I breathe on her, I was like, "Dude it's too cold for kinkines'" You can see the pics of this whole night, but we'll have to show you a video we made. It looks like the Blair Witch Project, except we couldnt stop laughing, what else could we do =)

Ok so next morning we leave to Venice and arrive there around 6:00pm, WTF Venice people are RUDE. No one wanted to help, but that's ok we found the Ferry on our own, althougth JUST BARELY. We bought our tix just 30 mins before it left the port. Check out the pics of Venice from above (top deck of the ferry). We bought the most economical tix which were DECK only, what ever we just needed a ride to Corfu. THIS IS WHATEVER, we had to sleep OUTSIDE on the freaking floor, made a makeshift bed out of our backpacks and dirty clothes it was COLD, WET, and WINDY AS FU@#. At some point Caro couldnt take it anymore and asked that we go look for a better place. We ended up making another bed under the dinning tables, it was everything except windy which made a big difference. Sleeping was WHACK at best and the whole next day we kept dossing off while seated. Oh yeah we were on the Ferry for 26 HOURS!!

But yeah, you've seen a couple pics of Corfu and it was worth it to get here =) This place is AWESOME. Last night we rented a scooter and left the tourist part SIDARI and went to another part of the island where we found a really cool beach. Tomorrow we'll do the same but to another part of the island. With any luck we'll find another secluded beach.

Caro's Complaint Corner:

Yes so remember the first time I got to Spain and was crying because I did not want to stay in a Hostel, well I felt a little on the wildside and decided to stay in the Campsite. I didnt think it was going to be that bad until I nearly FROZE to death. We were covered with seven blankets and put on dirty clothes just to add layers and keep ourselves warm. I remember waking up at 3am and turned around to face Fer and asked him to breathe on me to keep warm.


I didnt ask her to breathe on me cause she'd had Cheese Lasagna for dinner =/

Caro: Sleeping on the floor of that Ferry was awful, I woke up with body aches. Have you ever gotten the Crap beat out of you? Well that was exactly how I felt. BTW the people that were sleeping outside were well prepared, they had sleeping bags and air mattresses EXCEPT US.

Yes Fer of course Corfu is beautiful but did you mention that I was attacked by a swarm of WASP and all you did was laugh and continue taking pictures and admiring the scenary while I ran inside and SPRAYED myself with OFF.

Okay so Fer nearly killed me today on our Scooter ride, I kept asking myself "Where did this guy get his liscence? Has he ever riden a Scooter before?" We did run into a bush and had stickers inside our sandals.


In my defense, a freaking WASP crashed into the side (inside) of my helmet and was stuck. It kept buzzing right next to my ear so YES I made a sudden right to the shoulder so i could take off my helmet and remove it before it stung me.


The roads are so narrow that two cars do not fit and because it is an island the whole 20 minute Scooter ride was full of curves. Lets just say that for tomorrow before I get on the Scooter with this crazy MAD driver, I am going to make sure I take a shot of Tequila to relax my nerves.

Ok thats it for now, we'll try and post a video soon so you can see this place =)

US =)

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