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Cruised away the next morning and after several locks we decided to go for a ride, joined by two of the other crew. Lost Brian at one point so ended up cycling all the way to Moncrebeau, not that far but bloody hot! By the time we eventually caught up with the boats and Brian it was after 3 and we were starving- uttermost on my mind was water, and lots of it! At last we moored at Condom- a name that causes most westerners a giggle. Dinner was a treat- Wayne had found a chacuterie (butcher9 who convinced him to buy some saugages- quute large, and they seemed to be crumbed- supposedly tres bon, so in the oevn they went while we had a few roses and made a salad. Well, they turned out to be pork´tripe sausages, and tasted delicious. Favourite food so far- Capange (?) -pate, canard pate, rocquefort cheese, anchovie stuffed olives, jamon-copa, and pancietta of any kind.

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