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Another late meal up on deck- it´s too hot to eat before 9. In the morning we replenished our suppliues at the super marche about 10 mins walk from the marina, and then set off- straight on to our first aqueduct- wow. Our first stop was at Serignac-sur-Garonne. Another small village with a lovely church, it has a spiralled steeple- only one of 6 in France. Tonight we stop at Bizet sur Base and this is where we leave the Garonne and enter the River Baise. What a beautifuyl journey so far- tree lined canals, small ancient villages and farmland. Biked thisafternoon around Sauvin to Bizet sur Base-. about 13 kms, lovely ride and we also helped the boats thru the lock. We take turns cycling and driving the boat. Brian has finally succeeded in buying a flagon of rose, our drink in France, E6.90, not a bad drop especially over ice at lunchtime.

Had a few beers in the village this evening and met another Kiwi couple, from the Mount, in their own canal boat, so had a bit of a catch up.

Had a leisurely start this morning before walking along to a Cave de Bizet- a wine sampling store. Our next lock was a manned one, or in this case a wommaned one. The river baise is lined with trees and bush- much more like the sides of a river, and sadly no more pathways to cycle. NOTHING BUT GREEN- SO CALM AND QUIET. See plenty of brilliant blue kingfishers, and a couple of grey herons. By early afternoon we had reached Vianne- completely enclosed by ancient walls. Even though it wa sSaturday the patisserie and a couple of cafes were open and in the cool of the evening there´s no better place to be be than in a tree shaded square drinking a cold beer. We were tempted to share a bowl of mussles cooked in white wione sauce but resisted and returned to the boat for Wayne´s steak- our first. Lesson- steak now off the menu unless served ina restaurant! Not wayne´s cooking, more that we didn´t know what the meat was....

The bread we are eating is fantastic- each morning one of the men goes to the patisserie and buys, normally a flute, which we eat for breakfast, with fruit, and my favourite- prune yoghurt. Lunch is more bread, avocado and terrine au canard, washed down with chilled rose.

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