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I want to thank all of you dedicated readers for being so dedicated and also for the supportive emails both through the blog and sent directly. They are most appreciated. This support helps keep me inspired to write when I don’t want to and write better (perhaps) when I do want to. I know some just like the anecdotes whilst others like my metaphysical ramblings and yet others all of it. Some don’t like any of it but I guess they don’t read it, so who cares?

I write as I feel and as I experience and thus the result is a mix of my view of my days from my perspective. I really write it, as explained in my introduction, for me but, and it’s a big but, I enjoy the fact that others can share our journey through my writing. So thanks again for reading my stuff; it gives me great satisfaction.

On a practical note, for those who receive an email advising them of new entries every now and then, please note that the date on the email does not correspond necessarily with any dates in the journal. This would only happen if I were up to date, which I am not and may never be. I prepare the entries and when completed, ‘release’ them so that you can read, enjoy or scoff at them. For example, if you are registered to be notified of updates, you will have received the latest email dated 3 September (the date I pressed the ‘email update’ button on the web site). The entries which have been added are dated 17, 22, 22 and 25 August, so if you want to read everything, you have to always go back to where you last left off. I hope this explains the process to those that were wondering whether they were missing stuff.

No just a short explanation as to why I remain behind in my postings. The first is that I don’t always have an internet connection (I can go days without one, unlike a glass of wine) and the more pressing one is that I don’t spend all my time on this; I’m on holidays. And believe me, it takes a fair whack of time to crank out this stuff. Imagine how long it takes to create really stuff. I guess I’d have to be away for a really long trip!

P.S. We remained in Edinburgh for another 3 days, Peggy-Ann resting up whilst Laurence fussed over her with great care and concern. I, being a bloke, was none too impressed that none of the attention was being lavished on me so I withdrew to the computer and the internet, attempting to make sense once again of the non-sensical markets.

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