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Zyankali Bar in Berlin, (looks like haunted house inside)

Same Bar with Roomate (chilango) Osfabel

The tables at this bar were coffins with corpses inside

Me getting strangled by intestines

City of Berlin

City of Berlin


Bridge (DUH) in Berlin =)

Berlin has a HUGE Art Scene Here are some Graffiti samples

Activist/Artist Colony dedicated to helping ANYONE in need =)

Otherside of the house

Art Colony

inside the colony

Largest Stencil in the world

Former location of Berlin Wall

YAAM Beach bar along the river in Berlin

Us drinking AFRIKOLA at the beach bar

Rainbow while at YAAM

Interesting mens restroom at a later bar

Ok so we settled in here in Berlin at a hostel and have met some very cool people, especially our roomates. Our roomates have been from places like, Utah, Denmark, Serbia, Russia and of course we couldnt be without a fellow Chilango =) We especially clicked with Osfabel (Mexican) and hung out with him on several occassions. We met at a bar, ZYANKALI, that looked more like a haunted house than any bar we´d ever been too, (see pics). THey served a beer with a 13% alcohol level.

It´s like Vegas here in that you can walk on the streets and drink alcohol. Oh and beers are about 50 cents each at the grocery store. So yeah, we had a few before going to any bar, not that it´s expensive there, we´re just on a budget =)

We did a tour of The Berlin Underground, focusing on activism and art. They have things called Wagon colonies which are self sufficient. The underground has some amazing fine artist but is most heavy with graffiti art. Lots of squatter buildings which have been turned into these HUGE art colonies and have become part of the culture to a point of being left alone by the state.

Berlin can be very hot one minute and it can be raining and freezing the next. We´re planing on staying here for a couple more days, perhaps leave on Tuesday and get a chance to do the traditional WWII tour with Nazi and Holocaust attractions.

We´ll keep you posted =)

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